Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 30, 2012

Covers for S/mileage’s upcoming single released

The covers for S/mileage’s newest single have been released!

Here they are:



Limited A – E:






The covers are really simple for this releases, but they’re still awesome. Like I’ve said before, sometimes less really is more.

All of the versions are pretty standard H!P formula for cover : a collage-like cover for Limited A with shots of all the members, and for limiteds B-E is the members together in different ways/poses with a different background (Limited C is really busy with all it’s effects and such).

Out of all of them, I like the Regular and Limited B (Kanon looks adorable with her bubble gum) versions the best.

The Single V cover was also released:


I also really love this cover. Even though the rainbow colored background is the same, the light art the girls are doing is really cute and adds a nice touch to the cover.

The single will be released August 22nd.


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