Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 7, 2012

Special 3 hour Morning Musume show to celebrate H!P’s 15 years

To celebrate H!P’s 15th Anniversary, a specail 3 hour show with Morning Musume will be broadcast by Space Shower TV Plus.

Here is what the info says:

To celebrate the Hello! Project 15th Anniversary, Space Shower TV Plus will broadcast a special 3 hours show. What do you really know about Morning Musume。! ~A 15 years retrospective in the past, present and future!!!~

I’m happy to see something other than a concert and live theater show of the concert are being done. For MM’s 15th year anniversary they only got a half hour show, so I’m happy that they get to also do a 3 hour show to celebrate H!P’s years as well.

From what I understand it’s simply a talk show, so I’m excited even if that is all it is. I’m excited to see the girls interact and to talk about the past and present, as well as their future, and see the older members who have been around longer interact with the younger ones who haven’t and discuss many different things.

The show will be broadcasted on September 15th from 8PM to 11PM. Re-runs will be run on September 23th from 7PM and on September 29th from midnight.

Here is the site if you’d like to take a look:



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