Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 9, 2012

New MV for Berryz Kobo’s Loving You Too Much

Berryzchannel uploaded the MV for the b-side Loving You Too Much of their recent single cha cha SING.

This music video is… interesting. To make this easy and simple:

The good things: It’s unigue. It’s fun. The song is catchy.

The bad things: The girls have WAY to much make-up on. Like, WAAAY too much. Risako’s hair looks horrible, like a really bad wig. The camera angles, although an interesting idea, we executed horribly. It looks awkward at times – it’s ment to look like they’re walking around, but you can tell that the girls are being rolled around on something because throughout the video they are shaking and look wobbly (Miyabi does it a lot, and so does Risako… it doesn’t look natural, basically). That or the camera guy can’t hold his camera properly.

The music video has an interesting concept, it just could have been done better. Same with the make-up, the girls look like clowns. 😛 They’re so much prettier with either less or even none on at all. Also, this is just me, their outfits aren’t the best either, they look cheep to me (although I’m not a fan of neon so that could be why).

Anyways, here’s the MV to watch if you have yet to do so:



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    They’re very cute here…

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