Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 11, 2012

Site Updates (Week 14)

Hey guys! I skipped last week’s post, but now I have loads to write about! I’ve finished moving and I have been for a week now, so I was able to get loads done~.

Discography Section

I created a page for Buono!’s SHERBET, you can find it on their page and take a look if you want. I also updated Berikyuu’s Chou! HAPPY SONG page with the Single V cover and Berryz Kobo’s cha cha SING page with a bit more info.

Profile Section

Updated the main page with new pictures, Morning Musume’s is too big and I can’t fix it for some reason, so I’ll fix that soon. I also updated Morning Musume’s profile pictures for each girl, as well as updated Haruna and Erina’s history with their recent image colour changes. I updated Buono! and Berryz Kobo’s histroy (just a bit). I updated Hagiwara, Kumai, Sugaya, and Shimizu’s profiles with the new Cat’s Eye stage play and group formation. I updated Yajima and Nakajima with the same thing as well as their new DYI unit. I updated Natsuyaki, Chinami and Haruna as well with the new DYI unit, and I updated Wada and Sayashi with their new unit, Peaberry.


The poll for the past few weeks is finally getting decent results, so I’ll start a new poll and post the results of this one!

Which A-side do you like better from MM’s 50th single?

1. One Two Three – 13 votes (68.42%)
2. I can’t decide – I love both! – 4 votes (21.05%)
3. The Matenrou Show – 2 votes (10.53&)
4. I can’t decide – I dislike both! – 0 votes

Total votes: 19

Which B-side do you like better from MM’s 50th single?

1. 9th gen’s Aisaretai no ni… (I Want to be Loved, but…) / 10th gen’s Seishun no Mannaka (Right in the Middle of Our Youth) – 5 votes each (35.71% each)
2. 6th gen’s Watashi no Jidai! (My Era!) – 3 votes (21.43%))
3. I can’t decide – I love all! – 1 vote (7.14%)
4. I can’t decide – I dislike all! – 0 votes

Total votes: 16

I happy to see in both polls the “I dislike all/both” didn’t get any votes. I haven’t really listened to/bought the b-sides so I don’t have an opinion, but the 9th and 10th gen songs seem to be the most popular. As for the a-sides, One Two Three was a hit with most fans so this doesn’t surprise me any, but a lot of people seemed to like both (and I mean in general, not just on my poll), and I personally, if I were to vote, fall into that category as well since both songs are awesome!

Next poll: What do you think of Berryz Kobo?

Please vote!

[REMINDER] If you have yet to sign the petition to have Buono! do a concert in Toronto, Canada, please click the picture of them at the side and sign it! It take seconds and would be very much appreciated! You don’t need to give much information – or none at all – if you don’t want to, just a nickname and short message you you’re done! Thank you!

So that’s it for this week! Have a great week everyone!


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