Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 17, 2012

Cat’s Eye 7 releases music video

New stage play until Cat’s Eye 7 released their music video for their song Cat’s Eye.

Talking about the song first, I really like it! The auto tune doesn’t bother me with this song and I actually love it here. The line distribution is good too (although Maimi and Yurina seem to dominate, Maima especially). I think Captain’s rapping here is epic too.

As for the video, is starts off with police sirens and a helicopter sound as it flies around in search of the girls as you hear footsteps running away.

The music video is extremely simple, just the girls dancing on the rooftop at night with a few glass-shattered effects here and there throughout the video and cool lighting effects. But despite that, the video is awesome and promotes the stage play well. I would have liked to see something like a storyline to go with the play, like the girls stealing a painting and being chased by the cops and all. I think it would have been better and promoted the stage play more.

The video ends nicely with the helicopter searching for the girls and them disappearing. I just wish they would have put more into it than just a dance shot. But what can you do, it’s UpFront/Hello! Project. If they didn’t try hard with MM’s 50th single PV than this isn’t going to many fucks from them either. (Pardon my language children, don’t repeat me.)

Here’s the video:



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  2. Yurina with the autotune made me exit out of the MV. Cx It was just too horrible for me! Also, One Two Three did not have this much auto-tune, this is just over-board! *-*

  3. I thought the MV would be better with some closeups etc. but the autotune is really too much. the autotune suits Saki (C-ute) and Mai though. However Risako’s hair is bad. >__< I do like that Saki is in the centre dancing and gets her little rap part.

    • Yeah, watching this makes me miss the close ups. Lol

      I’m surprised no one likes the auto tune in this song! I really like it personally. One Two Three is auto tuned all the way through as well yet almost everyone liked that. I like the type of auto tune used in this song, it suits it. 🙂

      And I agree, Risako’s hair is really bad. I’m not sure if she coloured it purple purposely or if it was an accident, but she needs to re do it. Unless you meant the style, then yeah that too. I wish their hairdressers would stop doing that bunny-ears hairstyle, it’s horrible. Sayumi, Haruna, Airi and now Risako. 😛

      • Yeah a lot of people don’t seem to like it. I personally think it sounds okay for C-ute Saki but the other girls do not need it. I think autotune should not be used except for with T-Pain lol

        It’s the bunny-ears hairstyle which annoys me >__< It looked nice on Airi in pictures but not on the Never gonna stop MV.

        • Ah, yeah, I guess so. Sometimes less is more. But auto tune seems really popular, and I kinda like it in this song. I just wouldn’t be happy if every H!P song has it. But Captain’s rap seems to make up for it for most people. Lol

          And yeah, I know what you mean. But even in pictures of Airi, she herself is pretty as always but I don’t like the hair style. Ever since Sayu did it for her newest photobook it’s become somewhat of a trend in H!P with the stylists. 😛

          • But also the more I listen to it the better haha Yeah Captain’s rap is probably the best part.

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