Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 23, 2012

Some Photobook News!

I have a few updates on a few photobooks. Since they’re all about photobooks for the same group I thought I’d make one big post on it all like I usually do.

First off, an announcement!

Kudo Haruka is to (finally) get a Image DVD and solo PB!

The only info I have as of now are the release dates. The release date for the PB is October 25th and the Image DVD will be released November 7th.

Cover and previews of 9th and 10th gen’s upcoming PB have been released!



The cover (first photo) is a wonderful cover, showing the girls in sailor outfits in two rows for each gen. It’s nice that their bows and the numbers 9 and 10 on their outfits change to separate the two generations.

The preview is nice as well. This was from a recent UTB magazine. I have a feeling this photobook is going to be a good one based on the previews alone!

The release date is set for September 10th.

More previews from Sayashi Riho’s upcoming second photobook!







From the looks of the previews we’re in for a great release from Riho! There are the usual bikini shots and school uniform shots we all expect, but Riho does them nicely, and it suits her since she is still in school. Also, from this off-shot we were given a week or so ago:


I’m sure we’ll see many different outfits and settings as well as the bikini and uniform shots. It seems we’re getting a bit more if a mature release from Riho seeing the previews, so I’m hoping we’ll also get less mature shots as Riho is still a kid and it’s nice to see her be one.

The release date is August 27th!



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