Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 27, 2012

Morning Musume attends Play for Japan event

On August 23rd, an charity party event called Play For Japan was held in a hotel in Tokyo.

The event was organized by the Japan Expo Foundation (not related to the Japanese conventions held in Europe).

This foundation plans send a Japanese baseball childrens team from Sendai (one of the cities that was hit the hardest) to Los Angeles. Their goal is to send the children from Sendai to Los Angeles in hopes of expanding their dreams and possibilities.

The members of the team attended the event as their “sending away” party.

During this event, many sponsors and artists were there, who gave several showcases like enka (traditional Japanese music), magic, taiko (traditional Japanese percussion) with shakuhachi (traditional Japanese flute made of bamboo), ad many others.

Half way throught the event, the MC of the party who also did magic, announced it was time for the special guest to arrive on stage, in which the members then appeared on stage (whether he did a magic trick to do this or not isn’t specified). After the girls intorduced themselves, Michishige as the leader of the group, talked and claimed that the group supports Play for Japan like they did with the Ai wa Katsu project.

After a large applause, the group left the stage to let the event continue. Some girls from Backstage pass sang two songs to the public to conclude this event.

I’m happy Morning Musume is doing things like this. It’s great publicity as well as doing something for a great cause. I’m happy to see Kudo attended the event and appeared on stage despite the bandage on her leg.

For more information about Play for Japan:



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