Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 31, 2012

Morning Musume Waruteka Take a Chance Dance rehersal released

Morning Musume uploaded a video of their dance rehersal for their upcoming 51st single Waruteka Take a Chance on their official YouTube channel.

This. Song. Is. Fucking. Aamazing. (Pardon my language childern)

First of, it’s autotuned throughout most of it. It also is very robotic at times both in the song and dance, similar to Renai Hunter. But the line distrabution is a lot better, with most of the girls getting solos or duet lines.

The dance is freaking awesome. There are no crab dance moves people! 😀 The girls to a lot of formation and cool effects in their dance that really need good timing, and they did it wonderfully. They’re all in sync as well, which was something the group was lacking for a little while. Of course, there are parts that don’t look quite right (like when they’re doing that wave sort of thing with Riho and Reina singing in the middle), but I’m sure once the dance shot is out and everything is finalized they’ll have perfected it. Kinda like how with S/mileage’s Please Miniskirt Postwomen, they uploaded one dance rehersal and then another and in the second some of the moves were different, because they finalized everything.

In this video you see Ayumi and Haruka dancing, so this must have been recorded before their injuries. They won’t be featured in the dance shot version, but at least we get to see them here. 🙂

I love the song, love the dance. I’m sure they won’t let us down with the covers. Let’s hope the music video won’t be another One Two Three and be just as epic as the rest of this release!

The release date is October 10th.

Here’s the video:



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