Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | September 12, 2012

Calendar covers released

The covers for Hello! Project’s yearly calendars have been released!

I won’t comment on each one, but I’ll give my overall opinion at the end of the post:

Here they are:


Morning Musume’s cover is an odd one. I can see that they tried to make it young and fun since the girls themselves are very much like that, with the writing and cute drawings everywhere. It looks like how the Japanese edit blog pictures. :3 But I think the could have done something better than this. It’s just not anything special or anything that would jump out at me on the shelves.


Berryz has to be the most mature and elegant. The only things that would make this cover better is Risako fixing her hair and someone taking out Momoko’s stupid pigtails. With such an elegant cover you’d think they’d make her more sophisticated, and with her hair like that it sort of ruins the maturity of the whole cover. Also, the little story/message in English, “” is a bit odd. I mean, that’s great and all for English fans, but can the normal Japanese population even read that? Anyways, one of my favourite covers for sure.


C-ute’s is really pretty. It’s sophisticated but colourful and fun and young at the same time. All the girls look great and beautiful, and it’s probably my favourite one.


S/mileage’s is the most simple out of all of them. It reminds me of a school/class picture. The background is an ugly yellow which to me looks kind of cheap and lazy. It’s my least favourite one out of all of them.

(I didn’t do Mano’s since I don’t listen to her, but if it’s requested I’ll upload it as well.)

So overall this year’s batch of calendars is a good one, and I’m hoping for both the good and not so good ones this year that the insides are just as good/much better.

Leave a comment and tell me which is your favourite calendar cover?


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