Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | September 14, 2012

[Updated with footage] MM 11th gen winner announced!

The winner of the11th generation auditions has been announced! The winner is…

Oda Sakura!

I’m happy, I wanted either her or Oho Haruka. So this is good. She has a nice voice (I’m in love with it actually) and she can dance, so she’ll make a great addition to the group! I was hoping for Karin to make it, but seeing a different Egg who until now I didn’t know existed make it instead is still wonderful and I love her! I hope Tsunku makes use of this wonderful girl’s talent and doesn’t push her to the back with their other extremely overlooked talented girls (*cough*Kanon*cough*).

Here’s some footage of her audition and being told she won:

Uploaded by morningmusumechannel


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