Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | September 16, 2012

200th post (Part 2)

Part two will be my comments on fan confessions, which I have done in the past. 🙂

Let’s get started!

I’m sure you’re hair isn’t fantasic either! I love Kudo’s hair, it’s so badass! It suits her. Go be a jealous bitch somwhere else, please.

Okay, where to begin. Singing: Yeah, she’s not the best, but she’s not that bad. Dancing: She has improved, maybe you should watch MM’s latest dance rehearsal for Waruteka Take a Chance before making such accusations. Who are you to judge on personality? Do you have a fantasic one? Everyone is different, and everyone has their own way of being themselves. Ikuta has a wonderful personality – she’s kind, she’s loving, she’s caring, funny, cute and a good person generally. From your confession, it doesn’t look like you can say the same. Eripon isn’t eaving anytime soon, so you better get use to her dear. Someday you’ll see, she’ll be one of the most talented members and then you’ll regret your words. 🙂 Also, Wotapon’s not the worst. Momochii is.


You’re too kind with your words. I wonder how perfect you must be.


Would everyone just shut the fuck up about this stuff? I mean really! It’s not gunna happen, stop giving Tsunku ideas. Considering they’re horrible ones. Leave the groups as they are. If this ever happened I’d drop my H!P fandom. Don’t ruin it for those who like these groups the way they are.


I loved Eri, she was my first ever favourite. I wanted Sayumi to graduate instead. But now not only do I love Sayu, I realize that’s not what would have been best for Eri. Everyone needs to understand something: she left for her health. She couldn’t and didn’t want to continue in Momusu because of it. Leaving was what was best for her, and I know you miss her, I do too (and so does Sayu). But stop being selfish, and respect her decision.


First of all, learn grammar and proper English please.

Secondly, even after reading this my feelings toward Chinen have not changed. Because half of what you said either makes no sense or is completely irrelevant.

Bad English aside, Chinen isn’t as bad as you’ve made him out to be. First of all, he can be sharp-tongued and narcissistic at times, but it’s not overdone when he is. Go and see videos of Michishige Sayumi or Tsugunana Momoko. Chinen’s nothing compared to their acts. As for sleeping, Chinen had always been that way and even if he wasn’t an idol he’d still be that way. HE’S CHINEN. Sleep is his best friend. Why the fuck are you hurt by that? How does that offend you in any way? He likes to sleep, so what? Pull your head out of your ass and get a life please. He’s confident, but he doesn’t overdo it like you’ve claimed him too. Chinen is just shy, and acts that way on T.V. and such, but that doesn’t mean he’s that way in real life. Grow up please. I hate fans like this.

So that’s it for today! I’m saving the rest for this week’s picspam. 🙂 Hope you all enjoyed! :3



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