Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | November 5, 2012

S/mileage’s Samui ne MV Released

To kick off the start of my blog’s return to being active, I’ll start with a quick review on S/mileage’s new song.

This song, first off, isn’t something we’ve seen from S/mileage before. The song is a slower and more mature song, mostly sung by Kanon and Ayaka.

The music video reminds me of C-ute’s Aitai Lonely Christmas, and so does the song itself. The music video bored me half way through. It’s simple and contains three shots – a shot of S/mileage in their single bright outfits standing/sitting around or on these white blocks, the girls looking out these window-like things at the falling snow, shots of them taking off and looking sadly (and later smiling) at these snowflake necklaces, and the close ups of them singing either at the window or where they sit/stand in the white box scenes.

Classic H!P formula. It’s not that the group didn’t interest me, it’s just I think H!P’s usual music video style is getting old and no longer holds my interest. I know they’ve got a budget and all, but I wish they’d make the videos more interesting than this – I’m sure that wouldn’t cost too much over and might even cost them less.

The song itself is nice. Being the first time I’ve heard it, I still have to give it time to grow on me, but as of right now, I can tell you I like it! I can see S/mileage going in a more mature direction with their music this year and going into next year, and that makes me excited to hear their upcoming album.

The single will be released November 28th.

Here’s the music video:



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