Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | December 5, 2012

The Matenrou Show Type 0

So, as you all know, Petit Best 13 was released today. Having almost all the singles already, I just wanted to get the TakaGakiMitsiSayuReina (lol) cover of The Matenrou Show and Cat’s Eye 7’s Cat’s Eye (which you should notice was skipped and isn’t in the tracklist, it goes from 13 to 15 on iTunes).

But after listening to it, and since I know I won’t be doing a review of this album as it’s mostly stuff I’ve already reviewed, I decided I’d do a post on it.

So, Reina takes most of the lines. I believe she has all the line she did in the original, so it makes me wonder if they bothered to have her re-sing it since to me she sounds exactly the same.

Gaki, Gaki, Gaki! It’s nice to hear her voice again~! She sings her lines quite nicely. But, here’s what’s troubling me, guys.

The voice. It sounds like Riho, sort of like the way Riho sounded when she first joined. But it’s not Riho. I’m pretty sure it’s Mitsui but I’m not sure, and it’s bugging me. I know what Sayumi sounds like so I know it’s not her, and it’s definitely not Takahashi.

Which brings me to the most important part of this song, which happens to be the worst thing about it.

There is no Takahashi.

Not once, guys, does she sing! She’s the best vocalist there! I mean, yay for Aika finally getting some spotlight in a song for once, and she takes almost all of Riho’s lines, but I mean… Ai-chan should have had SOMETHING. And, she doesn’t even appear in the PV for it either, from looking at the previews on YouTube (which suck, by the way. The music video is too serious, it doesn’t fit this song at all. And you know, Ai-chan’s not there so no matter how great they make the video, it’ll never be amazing).

What a disappointment. She’s credited, but not included in anything? How misleading and stupid. I bet she rocked this song! This was like Resonant Blue on acid. This song was meant for her voice.

So, that’s my rant for today. Here’s the song from YouTube if anyone wants to listen before deciding to spent the $1.29:


  1. Whose voice is in 0:53~0:59? It really sounds like Ai-chan’s….But I can be mistaken.

    • It’s Reina. 😛 Ai-chan was backing vocals. She’s not in the MV, so I wonder if she was in the song at all even though she’s credited.

      • Oh, I see….it have been a long time that I haven’t listened Reina singing in a deeper voice like that. I’m glad because I really hate when she tries to make that “cute” voice, since she’s a really great singer! Nevertheless, it’s great having Gaki-san again! Just love her voice! :D~~~~

        • I completely agree, Reina doing that cutesy voice ruins songs and makes her sound screechy. I like it when she uses a lower tone, and I’m hoping she’ll use it a lot in her new band! 😀 It kinda reminds me of Koharu and Mittsui – both sound amazing using lower tones but have gotten use to using a cutesy one. 😛

          I agree about Gaki, she’s wonderful and I’m happy to hear her again. :3 Hoping for a solo single with Ai-chan~!

  2. I really loved Risa’s Voice.. but sadly there’s no Ai Takahashi singing. u_u

    • I know, it’s such a disappointment. 😦

      • yes~ I’m a Mittsi fan and I’m glad that she got lines. ^^

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