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Morning Musume New Single Dance shots

So, I know it’s not news or anything – the Loose Dance ver. for Brainstorming has been out for weeks. But, I thought I’d make a post about both songs and dances anyways.

To start off, Morning Musume’s last few singles have been winners for me. But I have to say, they got old kinda quick. I still listen to them, but I think for the most part, when dance shots are released early I watch them again and again and before I know it I’ve memorized the song and it’s not so brand new anymore. But anyways.

These two new songs are also really great. So without further ado, I’ll adress each song/dance indiviudally.


This song is freaking awesome. Everything about it. To start off, the song itself is amazing. Yes, there’s that electro/autotune to it like most recent singles. But guys, that’s what’s IN right now. And not just in Japan, but EVERYWHERE. Morning Musume is not the first or the only group to be doing this – they have to keep up with everyone else. But unlike other groups, there are a few lines in each song that don’t have the auto-tuned affect, so it’s not 100% digital. I have to say I like it. Every era of Momusu has had some type of music genre – 1997-1999 era was sort of mature/angsty, 2000-2004 Golden Era was a mix between cute and genki songs (mostly genki) and cooler-sounding songs, 2005-2007 had cooler and sexier songs, and 2008-2010 were “emo Momusu”, as fans liked to call them. The new Colourful Character era has began, and they’re going electro-styled songs with a mx of genki and fun songs every now and then. I don’t see the problem here, personally. I have yet to get tired of it and I don’t think I ever will.

The outfits are pretty cool too. I wonder if they based the colours of each member off the dance and formations, because there’s a few times in it where it seems like they had. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence – as the members in each generation are divided up between the colours (Reina red, Sayu blue, Riho and Kanon are blue while Mizuki and Erina are red, Masaki and Haruna are blue while Ayumi and Kudo are red, and Sakura’s the odd one out so she’s red too). The outfits are a lot more toned down that their recent stuff, and unlike the past three singles they’re not wearing skirts. These outfits rock, and I like how everyone looks cool (it’s always Erina that they give a different outfit to, like in WTTaC).

The dance is pretty cool as well. I’m happy to see Momusu upping their game with dances, because up until this point C-ute’s always been the group with super cool dances. I’m happy to see the H!P choreographers are taking advantage of the group’s numbers.

As for line distubution, it’s still Reina-Riho, but Ayumi and Mizuki get a few good lines and so does Masaki and Haruna. Sakura’s got a good few lines, and the rest of the girls are given small one-liners. I think Sayu also gets a few as well, although they’re autotuned.

I can see where fans are seeing the resemblance between their most recent singles and this one – the parts where each girl sings a line one at a time has been seen before with One Two Three and Wakuteka Take a Chance, and Sakura gets a similar line as she does in Help Me!, as well as some of the choregraphy looking similar (parts where they all stand together and move their hands out to the beat, for example, reminds me of Help Me!’s chorse). But there are also many different dance moves and cool formations we haven’t see yet. I think this dance is quite cool. And I like the mini dance battle between Ayumi and Riho after the first chores.

Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai

This song has yet to grow on me.

Song-wise, I like it. The vocal effects are strong in this song, but there are many parts that don’t have it. It’s not as upbeat as Brainstorming but the chores and overall song are okay. The 2000 People on the dance floor parts are an interesting addition to the song. To be honest song-wise, I don’t have much the say.

Out-fit wise though, I like it! It’s bright, and the dresses are cute. I like the accessories used for each girl and the boots, which add a cooler or more rockish feel to the outfit.

Now, the dance… is a bit disapointing. I’m the type of person who like to watch really cool dances that are non-stop and don’t bore you, with cool dance moves and all. But this dance is very odd. For starters, I understand the song is a bit slower and thus wouldn’t have a dance like Brainstorming, but while listening to it, there is SO MUCH they could have done more with this dance. There are times I can see the cool effects they tried to do, but for most of the dance, the girls look unorgainized. It looks slopy, not because they’re not dancing right or anything but because the formtions are all over the place. They spend more time moving around and changing positions then they do DANCING, and I think that’s what this dance lacks – dancing. If they had less position changes and more dance moves, it would be better.

Over all, both songs are great and I like both. I like Brainstorming more personally – everything about it is wonderful.

Let’s hope this sells well. I think this is a great last single for Reina!



  1. Upon first seeing this dance shot, I first thought “Renai Hunter much?” at the beginning. Or more importantly, it seems they are not only recycling dance moves but the sets and outfits. Nah, Brainstorming is better in my opinion than this. The song does not even appeal to me either. This is the first track since Pyoko Pyoko Ultra that I do not like. It’s also weird for Haruka to be wearing that hat with that dress as well in my opinion.

    • Yeah, I’m okay with the song but I can’t see myself playing it often unless it grows on me between now and then. I liked Pyoko Pyoko Ultra, but just like this song it’s not one I’ll play often. My sister plays in constantly on my iPod (she’s 5). Lol

      I see dance moves recycled in H!P all the time, because the choreographers are the same. For example, the ‘circle hand movement’ around their face – C-ute does it in Massara Blue Jeans, MM does it in Kimaguru Princess and again in Seishun Collection, and Berryz and S/mileage have done it a few times. And the ‘leg flap’ dance move – Dance de Bakoon, Kiss me Aishteru, Guru Guru JUMP, etc. Happens all the time, but sometimes it just works with the song well. I think overall this dance lacked, especially in the instrumental break – there was so much potential and they just did the same dance move again and again. I expected something cool like in Brainstorming’s instrumental break.

      Haruka chose to where the hat. She likes wearing hats, she’s said. It looks like the same one from Brainstorming, and since the girls are allowed to bring in their own accessories (like Reina did in Wakuteka Take a Chance with the cat ears), she probably brings in the hat as well. I think she looks cute in hats, and I find it fits her personality well even in the dress. Like Kudo said herself, “I’m a girl but I’m a boy.” LOL

      • This is why it’s so easy to learn a H!P dance omg. The amount of recycled moves you listed XD

        • Lol I know! I’ve memorized dances the first few times I’ve seen them because I already know like half the dance moves. And there’s more and that, I’m sure! XD

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