Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 23, 2013

Yajima Maimi to release new Photobook

Yajima is next in line in H!P’s photobook releases.

The title of the photobook is set to me My Museum.

The description of the photobook says that the book with contain pictures of Yajima that she has decorated herself, similar to H!P shop photos or blog photos.

I personally don’t care too much for a full book full of decorated images as I prefer usual photobooks (like Kamei Eri’s Maple, one of my favourites. And it was shot in Canada too!) but I know there are fans who enjoy these types of photos and buy them from the shops and online often.

I like the title which is quite different. I’m guessing its suppose to be a pun? In Japanese it would be pronounced ‘Mai Miuseamu’, or something along the lines, but maybe I’m looking too deeply into it. It could just be that she’s decorated the photos and presenting them like her own museum, similar to how a child would do with their drawings.

The release date is set for May 27th.


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