Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 21, 2013

New single for Juice=Juice

Juice=Juice’s next single will be called Tobe Made Nobore!

Here is what Tsunku had to say about the new song as well as Kenshuusei’s new single:

Juice=Juice’s 3rd single is a warm medium song with a beautiful melody.

For their 1st and 2nd they had minor songs, made them able to start off with a cool image.
They have grown a bit lately and so let’s take a deep breath.

I want you to feel that these girls can do a lot of different things and while in the previous MVs
they weren’t allowed to smile pointlessly, for this one I want them to smile a lot.

Their image is completely different for this 3rd single, so I hope you look forward to it.

And this song, “Ten made nobore!” will also be Hello!Pro Kenshuusei’s 2nd indies single.
We’ll call it “Hello!Pro Kenshuusei feat. Juice=Juice.
Originally I wanted it to be the next theme song for the Kenshuusei. Some girls have been in for
several years aiming to debut. I made this song with these girls in mind, wanting them to aim
for the top and do their best!

If we’re going to be picky, Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki isn’t a Kenshuusei, and I’m sure a lot of people
will point this out. But I’ve paid attention to her since the S/mileage audition so she’s definitely
a big part of Hello! Project. Please let this be her chance to become a part of the group [T/N: H!P] too.

In the Juice=Juice version there will be solo parts and proper line distribution,
but for the Hello!Pro Kenshuusei feat. Juice=Juice version it’s all unison.

Making it this way, makes one change the way we listen to the song.

The “Hello!Pro Kenshuusei feat. Juice=Juice” version is more liberal and energetic
but I’ll have them sing it in a cool way.

They’ll get new outfits too, showing their great growth, so please look forward to “Hello!Pro Kenshuusei feat. Juice=Juice”!

[Thanks to Sohee]

I’m excited for this new song. I’ll be honest, I don’t pay too much attention to the Eggs (they’ll always be Eggs to me) but I’m looking forward to this single regardless.

It will be released on June 8th.

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