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[SMALL UPDATE] Some info from Reina’s Graduation Concert

A few notes from the concert I thought I’d throw together for you all from fan reports.

• Fans noted that while waiting in the lineup for the concert venue that there were far more girls and women than usual – Morning Musume is gaining for female fans!



• Reina’s grad goods were sold out in the first 10 minutes.
• The stadium’s stage lights were blue and full of blue glow sticks!!



• During the first MC, Reina announced that Mizuki and Haruna will be joint sub leaders and that once Sayumi graduates they may be leading the group together as joint leaders.
• Reina wore a sexy leopard print fairy-like outfit instead of the usual princess-y gowns. After her speech she sang her solo song.



Here is Reina’s graduation message:

I joined Morning Musume at the age of 13.
As I was called a bad girl, I thought everyone was my enemy at the time.
When I became a member of Otome Gumi, I got my fans.
I decided that I’d work hard only for them.

I should deliver dream, hope. However, I make a lot of people worried. Example for, I gave up to update my blog so many times.

I’d like to say sorry for you once.
I’m sorry.
I’ll make some troubles some times from now on too.
Can you keep supporting me from now too?

And here is the members’ messages to her:

Oda: Congratulations for your graduation.
Tanka-san’s performance stimulated me.

From Reina: I like the scene Oda retook a pic of an Ice cream so many times.

Kudo; I’ll cheer for Lovender tool

From Reina: You always buy Reina’s goods. but If you ask me, I’ll present them by free.

Sato: ( She smiled happily )
Reina: Are you glad I’ll go away from you?
Sato: It’s because I have decided I’ll never cry.

I have a lot of things to apologize to Tanasatan.
But It will take me for six hours to tell all. So I don’t say about them.

From Reina: I received a text message yesterday “Tanaka, Please postpone your graduation”. But there were a lot of mis-writing. So I couldn’t understand well”

Lastly Sato Massaki hugged Reina, then, she start crying and couldn’t stop the tears.

Ishida: When I was scolded in my first shooting.
I was scared so much.but I learned “Greeting is really important in showbiz”.

From Reina: your private outfits is not cool. So I’ll choose your outfits someday.

Iikubo: I’love your character as well as your great charisma.
I’d like to go to a museum together.

From Reina: I don’t want to go a museum.
I was glad that you talked me your private time, when we became alone.

Suzuki: Tanaka-san gave me an advice around one year after we joined. “Suzuki should listen to the sounds around you more carefully when you sing the part which all members sing”
Owing to your advice, I came to like singing more.

From Reina: It’s good for you to be able to sing loudly.
I like you because you are enjoying live.

Sayashi: We will make awesome Morning Musueme from now!

From Reina: I don’t say details but I have sung with Sayashi so many times. Actually I have noticed “you change the way of singing” “You seemed to practice so many times.”
But.. Above all I like your dance. you have sharp movements on dance. I like to see your dance.
Please do your best for your dance!

Reina:( Ikuta’s bangs are curled) You looks like a middle age woman.
Ikuta: I’ll work harder and get all of Tanaka-san’s singing parts.
Reina: It’s impossible
Ikuta: I’ll work harder to get a little singing part.
Reina: Please keep being teased by Sayu


Reina: you have a sexy body and look so mature for your age.
And good breeding! But I gazed you seriously. you are a common student girl.

Sayu; Reina Congratulations!

Reina: A lot of flowers!

Sayu: You are more beautiful than the flowers.
Reina can sing well. I can’t do it.

Reina: Certainly!

Sayu; Well the comments were only for media.
I say frankly from now.
To tell the truth, Reina’s graduation is a heavy blow.
Nobody in my same period is in Morning Musume.
I’ll not be able to complain to anybody.
What to do?
I was happy because Reinas said “Six-gen is best!”.

From Reina.
Recently we can complain a lot together.
But it’s a miracle.
When we became members of Morning Musume, to tell the truth, I didn’t like Sayu.
We haven’t mind each other.
But In the shooting of SuugakuJyoshi Gakuen, we became friendly.

(Thanks to Sohee)

• There was a double encore, the last and final song being Shabondama. Eripon got a solo (like she was hoping for!) and Reina took over the monologue part.
• She gave one last Otsuka-Reina before leaving the stage.

Here is the setlist:

M1.Kono yo ni shinjitsu no ai ga hitotsu dake aru nara / LoVendo Я
M2.Tadoritsuitara itsumo amefuri / LoVendo Я
M3.Kimi sae ireba nanimo iranai
M4.Help me!!
M5.Wakuteka Take a chance
M7.Ookii hitomi
M8.Waratte! YOU / 9th, 10th, 11th gen
M9.What’s Up? Ai wa dou nano yo
(M10~M14 Medley)
M10.Egao YES Nude
M11. Onna ga medatte naze ikenai
M12. Nanchatte renai
M13. Kimagure Princess
M14. Aishuu Romantic / Michishige, Fukumura
M15.Rock no Teigi / Reina (Dance: Sayashi, Satou)
M16. Tokimeu tokimeke / Michishige, Fukumura, Ikuta, Iikubo, Ishida
(M17~M22 Medley)
M17.Ambitious! Yashinteki de ii jan
M18. Naichau kamo
M19. Renai hunter
M20. Only you
M21. Mikan
M22. Kare to issho ni omise ga shitai!
M24.Dokka~n capriccio
EN1.Kirakira fuyu no shiny G / Tanaka
EN2.Happy daisakusen
EN3. Shabondama

(Thanks to Amped for set list)

[UPDATE]: The members of Berry Kobo, C-ute, S/mileage, past Morning Musume members and others attended the concert in the audience! Niigaki said in a blog post she was next to Kamei Eri, and said it felt weird – they both had graduated and were now watching the current Morning Musume and watching Tanaka’s graduation!

I’m hoping Kamei will attend Sayu’s graduation too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Sayu sang Kataomi no Owari ni as her graduation song and sang it at the concert with Kamei in the audience??? Guys, cutest and greatest moment in MM history right there.

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