Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 4, 2013

Berryz Kobo Releases MV for Sayonara Usotsuki

The music video for Berryz Kobo’s Sayonara Usotsuki has been released.

This song surprised me. I was expecting a slow ballad given the name, but DAMN, this song is great!

The song is the same electronic and cool sound H!P has been doing recently. I’m a fan of it so I have no complaints, but some songs are better than others. This song is one of the better ones, and I like it much better than Golden Chinatown. I have to say Berryz is doing well this year for me.

The music video and song center on Miyabi and Risako mostly as expected. The other girls gets lines here and there but Chinami and Massa are back to one-word lines, and I think it’s the same for Captain. I’m so happy to hear Momoko’s deeper and more mature side of her voice in this song, I absolutely love it!

As for the music video, it’s one of the best from H!P this year. It’s the usual stuff but like I’ve said before, music videos don’t have to always be detailed or anything to be great music videos. The music video features the dance shot, close up, and two other scenes.

The dance shot takes place in a room full of titles that change colour. Sometimes it’s dark, like in the beginning and end, but for most of the video the lights are on. I love the dance. Berryz tend to bore me in the dance department (and over the past few years, the everything department), but this dance is a nice change of pace. They usually get easy dances but this one is more C-ute style.

The close up is the usual staring-at-the-camera-and-singing, so there isn’t much to say there. But there is other scenes with the girls against a mirror surrounded by black, singing to it or against it, which is a nice addition to the video. During the instrumental break, we see Momoko, Miyabi and Risako sitting in glass cubes looking sad. It’s something I think they could have done without but, I suppose it gives the music video something more.

And finally, I love the outfits. They’re awesome. Captain looks especially stunning!

Overall the video is great and the song is awesome – two thumbs up from me! I’m looking forward to having this song on my iPod!

This single releases June 19th.


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