Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 16, 2013

S/mileage New Single Covers Released

So the covers for the group’s upcoming double a-side have been released.


<img src="" alt="20130616-104316.jpg" class="aligncenter size-full" /

This instantly reminds me of Juice=Juice’s first single cover. All the girls look lovely and there isn’t too much to say as its very plain.

Limited A:


I like this cover a lot! Look who’s in the front! It’s nice to see this single is pushing the usual back girls more. I can’t help but feel like Ayacho should be facing the right like MeiMei and Kanon are. It just looks off…

Limited B:


This cover is one of my least favourites. The background is kinda random and doesn’t fit well with their outfits (and were those shoes in the music video….?). Not much else to say here.

Limited C:


Returning to the Yattaruchan outfits, this cover is more S/mileage. It wouldn’t be a S/mileage single without a cover that’s odd and weird and doesn’t really make any sense. This one is more toned down than their usual random covers but it’s the one that is the weirdest. I like it! I can’t get enough of Take-chan’s pose!

Limited D:


This looks very rushed to me. They just took this group shot and pasted it on some random background, is what this looks like. S/mileage never has amazing covers (like C-ute…) but they should at least make them look decent. I don’t even know what the background is of. Is it a room of some kind? This is probably the worst cover out of all of them.

I hope this helps you all decide which version you’ll be ordering, although the contents are more important than the cover. 🙂

The release date is July 3rd.


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