Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 17, 2013

HQ Covers for C-ute’s new single Released!

So I’ve got the HQ covers for this new single. Guys, they’re beautiful. C-ute has the best covers this year for sure!

Regular A:


This first regular addition is simple. It features the girls in front of a yellow background huddled together. It’s simple but really nice! I love the design used for the title, it’s interesting and quite pretty.

Regular B:


The girls are featured in their outfits for Adam to Eve no Dilemma. I absolutely love the concept for this cover, the way they entwine with the letters for the cover is just awesome. I love to see Chisa next to Airi, so I’m hoping Chisa has many lines in this song?

Limited A:


This cover returns to the Kanashiki Amefuri outfits. I love this cover too. A simple headshot of each girl staring at the camera with sad, serious or bittersweet expressions, wet from the rain. It’s such a pretty cover. I want all the covers at this point.

Limited B:


Going back to the Adam to Eve no Dilemma outfits. This cover has each girl in their own slot with one arm up. I love Chisa in the middle! The Adam and Eve letters are now black instead of white. I find that they blend in a bit with the girl’s outfits. But other than that, another kick-ass cover.



This cover is the odd one out, and probably my least favourite out of them. The cover has the girls standing in a group huddled together, with three spotlights lighting them up against the background. It’s nice and everything, but it doesn’t seem like it follows the theme of the covers as nicely. If they had used a different coloured background (like grey or even the yellow they used in Regular A) it would have looked better.

Limited D:


Limited D has the girls standing in a circle/half-circle thing, each holding onto the silver apple in the middle. Just awesome. That’s it. Loving Chisa center, loving the concept, loving the layout. Loving everything about this right now.

Overall these covers are just fantastic and probably some of the best covers this year if not the best H!P covers so far. I’m even more excited for this single than I was before and I’m hope the songs themselves are just as amazing as the rest of this single up until this point, and I’m praying for beautiful music videos to go with them. Don’t let me down now!

This single will be released July 10th.


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