Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 21, 2013

MVs for C-ute Upcoming Single Released!

So the music videos for their new single were released this morning or yesterday night. Today was my last exam and final day of school, so I thought I’d wait until I got home. Well it was worth it, I tell ya.

Ladies and gentlemen, I declare these two videos to be the best Hello! Project videos in H!P’s history. Yes. They are that good.

Let me start with Kanashiki Amefuri.

The song is fantastic. No auto tune (although the trend isn’t one I’m not happy with, I have to say C-ute keeping their voices unedited is lovely). It’s an upbeat tune like their last release, but with sad heartbreaking lyrics. I’m happy with the semi-decent line distribution in this one, its nice to see Maimai and Nacky get some lines. Great song!

But here’s the amazing part: the MV. This is something I hadn’t expected at all. The music video has so many different shots but they all revolve around the same theme: a photo shoot.

The video is a mix between the close ups (two different shots – one with a white background and the other brown background) the dance shot (them dancing in front of the white backdrop), and the group scene with them in either sitting on or standing next to an antique black sofa and singing along. They have three different outfits that they wear – black and white formal wear, colorful summer wear, and the casual outfits seen on the CD jackets and profile pics – they they switch around in each scene thousands of times throughout the music video. Now, in between those shots are close ups of the girls dancing and singing, shots of them in the rain, and parts where certain girls are cut from the scene to emphasis them (you’ll know what I mean when you watch it), as well as multiple scenes going on in different sections of the screen.

It sounds like it would all be very complicated and confusing but it all flows nicely and in a way that is just fantastic. I absolutely love the concept and theme and idea around it all, and even though there wasn’t more of the girls in the rain until closer to the end, I think it works just how it is. I also think they should have included a shot of the girls dancing in the rain, because that just would have been epic. But I’ll take what I can get!

This has to be hands down one of the best music videos this year. Or ever.

(And Nacky died her hair BROWN!)

Next is Adam to Eve no Dilemma.

Another video packed with AWESOMESAUCE.

Starting with the song, I’d say its slower in pace, but also a cool and sexy song like the other one. The line distribution is even better, with Nacky and Maimai getting so many lines it’s insane, and Maimai even gets to end the song with the final line. I don’t care for Maimai’s voice particularly, and I prefer Nacky’s when she uses a deeper tone, but I was happy to see them get some recognition and of course some spotlight. For the first time, I have to say I can’t choose which a-side I like more in a double a-side single!

This video is much more simple. It has fewer shots and the sets are simpler but it doesn’t change how amazing it is. We have the usual shots: close ups, dance shot, and an extra feature. The main set is a large white space with a circle of chains surrounding the girls, and hanging on the chains are silver apples. The girls sing from behind the chains during the close ups, inside the circle. They also dance inside the circle, and the dance is great as well. They stay in their green outfits the entire time but that is more than okay because those outfits rock. The extra shot is the girls laying individually on these silky bed sheets surrounded by red apples, singing to and staring at the camera in a sexy fashion. I do think that maybe having them in simple white dresses or something may have looked better here, because the green outfits look a bit out of place. But it’s still good.

My only issue with this music video is the English lyrics that made no sense. Up until now I hadn’t had a problem with the lyrics UFA were putting on the videos and didn’t find too much wrong with them outside of a grammatical error or two, but these lyrics are just horrible for the most part. But the video itself is just lovely in so many ways.

Overall these two videos are hands down the best this year and in H!P history for sure. There is no way you DON’T like them. Whoever it was that directed these needs a medal. They also need to direct H!P’s music videos from now on, because not only are they creative, they’re simple and look amazing without the need to go crazy or over-the-top (and spend a lot of money). Even though it was all the same stuff H!P usually has, it’s not about the usual stuff itself – it’s how the usual stuff is presented. Shown like this it changes everything and makes it so much better, looking at Amefuri in particular. I hope this trend continues, at least with C-ute.

The release date for this single is July 10th.

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