Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 28, 2013

A few Photobook announcements and covers

So I had a few posts for these things separately but since they all kinda have the same theme I thought I might as well put them all together.

Starting with covers:

Here is the cover for Suzuki Airi’s next PB:


So it’s your standard PB cover. I’m hoping the contents will be far more interesting, but I’m sure the Photobook will have the uniform/bikini/wearing a dress in nature shots all standard PBs do. However it’s Airi so I’m sure it’ll be another awesome release regardless.

The PB will be released August 20th.

Now, Morning Musume’s PB for Tanaka’s graduation covers have been released as well.

Here’s the regular:


And the Amazon Limited edition:


Both are very simple and look like they were just sort of thrown together. They’re different in comparison to past graduation concert photo books or DVD covers. However I kind of like it, and it’s great that there is clearly a lot of emphasis on Reina.

The release date is August 10th.

And now on to an announcement!

C-ute will be getting a Photobook to commemorate their first Budokan live!

There will be photos, obviously, but there will also be interviews, Q&A, stories and much more. It’s great that they’re making the release even more special with such additions. The price is pretty low in comparison to most PBs, so it makes it a great buy if the price is the only think holding you back!

The release date is September 10th.


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