Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 2, 2013

Morning Musume PVs Released

Hey guys! The new Morning Musume single PVs have been released.

I’ll start with Wagamama Ki no Ai no Joke.

This song is very dubstep styled and really cool just like their more recent releases. However there isn’t nearly so much autotune in this one, and that’s only in a few lines. The line distribution isn’t the best, Riho and Sakura dominate but Masaki, Ayumi and Muzuki get a bunch of great solos. I like the song.

Now onto the music video. It’s the usual. Close ups of the girls in front of red back grounds, groups shots of the girls in small mixed groups, and two dance shots on a stage. One dance shot has them in dark all-black outfits that remind me of spies and then in matching simple black and white striped dresses. The black and white dresses are what they wear in the close ups and the black outfits in the group shots.

The dance looks awesome guys, like C-ute style!! The music video is very dark and cool, and I guess because of its dim lighting, reminds of Kimaguru Princess. Riho gets a lot of screen time, but on the plus side, Zuuki seems very confident in this music video and I love her sexy/cute hand gesture at around 3:25. All the girls seemed very confident and like they were enjoying themselves and that was nice to see. No more shy girls anymore!

Overall this is another great release from the group!

Moving on to Ai no Gundan.

This song is still dupstep-ish and cool but with a cute twist. The song is sort of bubbly in a cool way that I can’t really put into words. I like it! I love the message in this song as well. I like Tsunku’s be-yourself-and-love-one-another-and-appreciate-life lyrics he’s had recently, between this song and S/mileage’s Yattaruchan. Go Tsunku!

The music video is an interesting one. For the first half until after the first course, it features the girls in cute red and black outfits. The dance shot is the girls in the center of a checkered floor with trees surrounding them, which I love, and the close up is the usual them singing to the camera with the trees in the background. After the first course it goes a lot more white, showing shots of the girls in small groups wearing pretty white dresses, once again surrounded by forestry. Once the second verse begins, you see the girls in their mini groups laying on the ground surrounded by rose petals, and then them singing in such positions. There is a colourful bubbly effect throughout the video, similar to One Two Three but extremely toned down.

The main focus of the video has to be the dance, which is also very awesome – C-ute-type awesome! It’s very formation-heavy and has a lot of cool visual effects to it, and is just super great to watch. I can’t wait for the dance shot versions.

I love this music video, it has to be one of the best MM music videos in a long time, and is their best music video in the current era (I’ll say since the group’s 50th onwards).

Overall, fantastic music video. I think I like it better than Wagamama Ki no Ai no Joke, but they’re pretty close!

I’m going to mention that I thought it would be weird without Reina but I surprisingly barely noticed her absence. This new era is that great!

The only downside would have to be the amount of Riho and lack of the other members. That’s the only downside to these awesome music videos, aside from the crappy translations that barely make any sense. I’m excited for the rest of the single!!

The single is set for release August 28th.

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