Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 21, 2013

MV for Juice=Juice’s Romance no Tochuu Released!

Yes, yes… I’m late. Again.

Skipping the apology, let’s get straight to it! As always, I’ll start with the song.

I have two things to say: a) if you have not heard it yet WATCH IT NOW and b) if you have and you don’t like it SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. Tsunku is really hitting it out of the park this year, not just with the rest of H!P, but looking specifically at Juice=Juice here, none of their songs up until now have been anything less than super fucking awesome. And this song is the best so far. It keeps with that funky jazz sound they seem to have and combines it with the catchiest melody ever, especially in the course. Like, it makes you wanna dance!! I love this song to pieces. I must point out, Karin gets the majority of the song. I know I know, complain about it, but, I think half her lines were meant to be Otsuka’s. They probably didn’t feel they had enough time to divide her lines among the members, although I really think they should have. I’m hoping Juice=Juice will be great with line distribution for their future works. And I like Karin so I have nothing against it. I just like equality. Also, the beginning sounds like the music to a really cheesy porno. Just saying. Now, music video.

It’s a simple one but a gem (play on words intended). The video is mixed between the dance shot, close up, and various other shots of the girls. The dance shot is awesome, set on a glass/mirrored stage, and the dance itself is very funky and has some older dance moves from like the 70’s and 80’s. Really, half the dance moves we see H!P do all the time and are just recycled. Which is cool, too, and it’s fun to watch and I’m sure fun to do! So the dance gets 5 stars. The dance also has 3 outfits – their cool and casual outfits, white dresses, and then some weird 80’s/90’s-looking outfits that aren’t in style anymore, like at all. Unless Japan’s going back in time for a bit.

The close up versions are mixes between really close to their face, further away, while they’re standing or sitting, and several other variations. It’s really camera angle heavy but in a good way. There’s some scenes of the girls holding gems every now and again so, so it breaks it up.

I have to say this is a great music video, really well done and despite being so simple it’s not boring at all given the catchy-ass song. The lyrics for this one are much better too, not so horribly translated. I’m starting to wonder if someone just filled in for the translator one day because he was sick for Lady Dia’s Lady Mermaid and that would explain the lyrics in that music video.

But anyways.

5 outta 5 for Juice=Juice for their first major release! I kind of miss Otsuka, as I thought her vocals were wonderful and she would have rocked this song, but it can’t be helped. I’ll grow to love 5nin JJ just like I did second gen S/mileage.

The release date is September 11th.

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