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PVs for Satoumi Groups Released!

So, music video reviews and comments for the Satoumi groups. I know this is more on the late side, and I’m sorry for that. But it’s better late than never I always say (faaaar too much on this site!).

So I’ll start with our lovely duo Lady Dia.

Now, in terms of the song, as soon as it started, it gave me that “50’s Rockabilly” sound that it had been described as by Tsunku. It reminds me of summer for sure! As soon as Airi started the song off I had this feeling of “Yess!!” because it was instant gold. The vocals are powerful and strong, and I think Risako and Airi were the perfect two to sing this song.

H!P’s music videos are fantastic this year and have yet to disappoint me. Lady Mermaid’s music video is no different. It really makes you feel like you’re stepping into the 50’s. The video is composed of the dance shot, close up and some storyline scenes. The dance is located on a set made to look like an old 50’s diner, which is absolutely beautiful. The girls do a very simple dance in black dresses which they both look stunning in. The close up shots have the girls singing into a microphone, and appear to be in the same diner set. After the first chores, they show the storyline scenes, which are comprised of Airi sitting with a motorcycle and Risako sitting alone at a diner. At the end they meet on a bridge at night.

It’s a great music video, although once again the english lyrics are no help in having you understand much of the song. Even with the storyline scenes it still leaves you kinda confused as to what is going on, or at least in terms of how mermaids fit into the storyline of the song at all.

But I digress.

Overall, 5 stars from me for song and music video!

Moving on to HI-FIN.

These are, aside from Kanon, the group with some of the weakest vocals in H!P. It doesn’t mean their vocals are bad – don’t get me wrong! – but they’re not like… Airi or Miyabi, or Takahashi Ai, to put it in perspective. With that said, despite this, this song is actually quite good and their vocals are lovely. I really like the song itself – fun, a bit more upbeat and very summery, but it also has that 50’s feel to it.

The music video is fantastic, the concept is beautiful. It’s like a photo book throughout most if it, the beginning showing off each member and introducing them with their names. It then mashes up shots of each girl in their respective areas and performing their respective actions while singing (Mai washing her surfboard, Kanon doing things / sitting in the kitchen, Erina… laying down and sitting, Nacky spending time in a living room area and Ayumi sitting in front of a mirror), and a group shot of them singing together, and near the end talking with one another. There are some other shots of them in other places, but generally, it’s the same stuff throughout. The rest of the music video are random shots of the ocean, the sand, and other things in a ‘flash back/memories’-fashion.

Overall it’s a beautiful music video! The lyrics in this one are much better I might add. This is a great music video and really good song. 5 out of 5 stars ladies and gents!

On to the final group, Melonquad.

Now before I begin and I’m sure I’ve said this before, it’s one thing to have Nacky, Chinami and Erina in both movement projects, because they’re generally pushed to the side. But to have Miyabi (who’s already in a few groups currently) and Maimi makes no sense. I guess maybe if you’re looking at popularity, and you want to draw people in, but I think the less-known girls should have the chance to shine as well (coughZuukicough). Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s move into my thoughts on the song.

Okay so, this song is very Japanese-inspired. The song talks about the girl’s brother, and how she admires and respects him for going out and catching fish to feed and provide for her family. This kind of seems a bit… Out there. The whole point of the Satoumi movement is to raise awareness about keeping the oceans and beaches clean and healthy, not about… fishing, and promoting it, which the Japanese do plenty of to begin with. But the song is catchy, so…

The music video is odd, I’ll say. It mostly has shots of the girls singing in colorful outfits and singing to the camera and shows shots of them eating fish and doing various things with the fish mascot. It’s overall a very… interesting video, and I found myself laughing pretty hard at certain parts because it’s just so ridiculous. As for the dance, it’s very sexy, which is odd in some parts. Like the “I’m lovin’ you, I’m lovin’ you, I’m lovin’ you, My dear Brother”, because the sexy dance moves… I mean she’s talking about her brother here, so… Get where I’m going with this? It just doesn’t seem like it fits properly.

But, regardless, the song is catchy. This I can see being fun during concerts and the crowd having a good time shouting out some of the joint lines. This has to be my least favourite out of the three songs and music videos. I give it 3 stars outta 5. Even though I’d like to give it 4 just for Chisa.

So that’s my review and comments. Let me know what you think about the songs, music videos and respective groups in the comments! The single was released August 7th.


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