Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 21, 2013

Reviews for Juice=Juice’s Memorial Edit MV’s

Three Juice=Juice related posts in one hour? Aha, not apologizing for that one!

Now, I thought at first they would just be edited versions of the original music videos – made to be black and white and maybe given some effects here and there and the song itself would have a few small changes. But I turns out they re-did the whole thing. I’m impressed, H!P, very impressed.

I don’t think they necessarily resang the song, rather they probably just took the solo versions for the five girls (that’s how they do it – each girl records the whole song and then it’s mashed together and cut from there) and just re-mashed the song with those five vocals alone. It seemed Karin got Otsuka’s lines in both songs as well.

Now, starting from Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne, the instrumental has a few changes. The opening is slow, and there are a few parts where it skips, and a few effects added to the vocals every now and then, but generally it’s the same song. It’s enough of a change though that I would purchase this one as well if buying from iTunes.

The music video is just the dance shot (which is really pretty!) and close ups with the member’s colours as their backgrounds. Their outfits continue with the casual stuff they’ve had and I hope continue to have (and I notice Akari always gets skinny jeans/tight pants and a tight crop top…) except they’re now in more pastel and girly colours rather than black and white with coloured accessories. The music video isn’t anything too special but it’s a good watch anyways.

Now on to Sadimare Bijo ga Sadimareru.

This song is given a more rockish feel to it with the addition of some more guitars, and a few vocal effects every now and again.

The music video has them dancing on a dark stage, close up shots of them singing to the camera, and random shots of a guy playing a trumpet that kinda reminds me of Tsunku and it made me laugh. The music video isn’t anything special once again but it’s nice to watch.

Overall I give both videos 5 out of 5 just because not only is it a memorial edit but also because they took the time to reshoot the music video and everything which was unexpected. Great songs, great music videos, and maybe after seeing this you’ve decided which copy you wanna purchase?

What do you think of Juice=Juice’s first major single so far? Let me know in the comments!

The release date is set for September 11th.

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