Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 25, 2013

No one chosen for MM’s 12th gen auditions!

Yes thats right. Tsunku picked no one and ended the auditions for the Morning Musume 12 Generation Member ‘Mirai Shoujo’ Audition.

He explained, “I was looking for a super star candidate suitable for the name ‘Mirai Shoujo’ (girl of the future), but I couldn’t deny the fact that there was somewhat a lack of ability to perform with the current quality of Morning Musume,” He said. “However, it is true that there were a few candidates with the ability to pass if this were the 9th generation auditions.”

He also revealed, “There were no applicable persons at this time, but I was able to meet people with raw talent! I am very excited, so if they wish, I will have them join ‘Hello Pro Kenkyuusei’ to gain experience. I will have them gain the ability in preparation for the next appropriate timing.”

But that doesn’t mean it’s over completely. “When the timing is right, I will hold the 12th generation audition again. I will also announce here that I am thinking about a new unit as an idea of Hello Pro.” The new audition will be announced once it’s been decided.

He also talked about how he felt that MM as it is right now is perfect, better than they ever have been, and he would like to give this current MM some time to grow and be as they are.

I agree with this and I hope he’ll wait a bit more before starting the auditions again. I’m happy the girls who did audition are getting the chance to train at least. And I’m wondering about this new unit… Does he mean main group? Or does he mean a unit, like Buono! or High-King? I guess we’ll have to see what Tsunku has in store for us!


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