Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | September 14, 2013

Berryz New Single Music Videos Released

So, the music videos for the groups upcoming single have been released!

I’ll start with Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta.

This is the slower song between the two. It’s a mix if a upbeat ballad and a dubstep/electro sound, which Tsunku is really into right now. I like it, Captain’s lines are great and it seems line-wise, Berryz are beginning to even out more. Maasa, Chinami and Captain are all getting two or three lines a song which is more than they’ve ever gotten before and it’s a great thing to see.

Now, the music video is very simple as usual, and very… Berryz. The girls are all wearing dresses, and I have to say that some of them are not all that great. Captain looks fantastic, and I like Chinami, Momoko (no pigtails for either music video!!!) and Yurina’s dresses/outfits. But I don’t like Miyabi’s at all, she reminds me of a early 90’s office secretary and Maasa’s outfit just isn’t working for me. Risako’s outfit is sort of a tricky one because I don’t know if I like it or dislike it.

The music video has the dance shot, with them dancing on a mirrored floor with a cloudy grey sky background, the close ups and then smaller shots of them in the dark or them sitting in small groups of two and three. It’s simple, but I think maybe it’s a bit too dull. It gets boring after about half way through.

The dance is just… Bad. I know not much can be done with a ballad-like song, but most of it is just awkward and weird to watch. I think it could have been much better than what it is, but because it’s Berryz, this doesn’t surprise me all that much.

Overall, if it’s out of 5 stars, I give it three at best. The dance is awkward, the music video is dull and the outfits aren’t working for the most part. The song itself is on the okay side for me.

Now on to ROCK Erotic.

Now this is better.

The song has a mix between a rock sound and dubstep, which turns out to he kinda cool. It reminds me of Buono!, actually. I quite like it, it’s better than the other song, in my opinion. The lines are distributed well but Miya and Risako have more lines in this one, similar to how their last double a-side worked.

The music video is creative despite also being simple. The outfits are fantastic – the dresses are totally cool and edgy, I absolutely love them! They remind me of Buono!, once again. Now, Yurina, Maasa and Chinami play male roles. Their outfits are a little… I dunno, Yurina’s long jacket makes her look like a pimp of some kind and it’s kinda creepy.

The music video has the dance shot, close ups (with them standing near pink curtains and such, which is a pop of colour within the very monotonous video), and shots of them behind a coloured wall revealing their shadows, similar to what they did in Ai no Dangan.

Maasa plays a damn good boy, especially in her scene with Miyabi behind the coloured wall. Like wow. You can’t tell she’s a girl at all, and it’s just… Wow. The best part of this music video is the gender bends for sure, which play out not just in the music video but also the dance. Yurina’s shot at the end with Momoko and Saki made me laugh, she’s a total player pimp and it’s fantastic.

This video gets 5 stars. The dance is decent, the song is good, the outfits are killer and the music video’s concept is just great. I didn’t like Maasa’s hair all that much until this video. I have a feeling this is why she cut it.

Overall this single is looking good. Not fantastic, but good.

The single is set for release October 2nd.


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