Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | October 24, 2013

Info on Two Photobook Releases!

This is small because I’m super sick at the moment and my head is pounding so bad I’m having trouble looking at the screen!

Sayumi will be releasing another PB titled Blue Rose.

Here is the cover:


From the previews it seems like a more sexier PB with a lot of bikini shots…










Sayumi is so pretty and she has an awesome body so the theme of the PB doesn’t surprise me much. I’m sure the rest of the PB is lovely as well, so if you’re a Sayu fan, I think you’ll really have to think about making a purchase!

It goes on sale October 27th.

Another Morning Musume member is also getting a PB!

And no it’s not Zuuki.

It’s once again, Riho! Which doesn’t surprise me either.

I have yet to get a cover for the release, but so far the title is Taiyou.

As much as I like Riho, I would love to see some of the other members get releases. Ayumi, Kudo, and Mizuki have gotten PBs, so I would like to see Zuuki and Erina, at least, get some releases in the next year or so. But, I’m sure Riho fans are looking forward to the release and I’m sure if this photobook is anything like her last two, it should be lovely.

The release date is set for November 25th.


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