Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | December 1, 2013

S/mileage Covers and Tracklists Released!

Two S/mileage posts back-to-back!

Here’s the covers and tracklists:



CD Tracklist (Same for all editions):

1. Ee ka!?
2. “Ii Yatsu”
3. Ee ka!? (Instrumental)
4. “Ii Yatsu” (Instrumental)

Limited A:


DVD Tracklist:

1. Ee ka!? (Music Video)
2. “Ii Yatsu” (Close-up Ver.)
3. Ee ka!? (Making Film)

Limited B:


DVD Tracklist :

1. “Ii Yatsu” (Music Video)
2. Ee ka!? (Close-up Ver.)
3. “Ii Yatsu” (Making Film)

Limited C:


DVD Tracklist:

1. Ee ka!? (Dance Shot Ver.)
2. Ee ka!? (Dance Shot Ver. Post-Production Comments)
3. “Ii Yatsu” (Dance Shot Ver.)
4. “Ii Yatsu” (Dance Shot Ver. Post-Production Comments)

Limited D:


(No DVD)

The covers are nice, although I don’t care much for Limited B or C. The Regular and Limited D editions are my favourites, and Limited D reminds me of a movie poster! Limited A is the in between for me.

I don’t see why they switched the music videos and close ups… Why not have Ee ka!’s music video and close up in the same DVD, and same with Ii Yatsu? I don’t know what ‘Post-Production Comments’ are as they are a new thing, but I’m assuming they’re staff comments, maybe? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

The release date is December 18th.


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