Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | December 1, 2013

S/mileage MVs Released!

The music videos for S/mileage’s upcoming double a-side single, Ee ka!/Ii Yatsu have been released.

I’ll start with Ee ka!.

Song-wise, it’s an interesting one for sure! When it started I was surprised, because it has the cool-toned feel to it that I haven’t seen in S/mileage before. They seem to be going in a more mature direction with their recent releases. The song had cool rapping sections which is a highlight of the song, which is surprising as well. But then it goes into the normal cutesy S/mileage we all know in the chorus, and the change from cool to cute reminds me of C-ute’s Atte Motto Zanshin. The girls all get lines, although Kanon and MeiMei dominate, and Take-chan got a noticeable amount as well.

The music video is a mixture of dance shot and close up, with the theme being pink, black and white. The girl’s outfits are stunning and I personally love Take-chan’s. Their makeup is noticeably different and in some shots I have trouble recognizing them because it just makes them look so different, Rina especially who stood out to me the most (she gets loads of screen time by the way!). The girls dance on a simple white stage, with the back wall changing from white or black in different scenes, and sometimes flipping back and forth rapidly. The close up is just the girls in front of a sparkly pink background, like we’ve all seen before. There’s also shots of the girls singing in small groups or as a whole like S/mileage have been doing since the second generation joined. But with the mix of different angles and close ups and such makes the video interesting and not at all boring. I loved it from start to finish.

The outfits, the song, the video, all are a 5/5 for me! Good job S/mileage!

Moving on to Ii Yatsu…

The song starts out with a piano melody, and so I instantly thought we were getting another slow love song, maybe even a more upbeat one like with Juice=Juice’s recent release. But then the song started and I realized I was wrong! The song is a (slight) dubstep-influenced, cool song, with strong vocals and a heavy dance kinda beat in the chorus. It’s a nice song, and all girls get lines.

The music video is mostly the dance shot, with small storyline-like shots mixed in. The dance just has them dancing in a open space with drapes behind them, the girls wearing casual clothes. They don’t seem to have a theme, like with Juice=Juice’s singles where, although they’re casual clothes, they all have a similar thing that ties it all together, like denim or colour scheme. The only thing is that they’re all dresses, and I guess it just looks… kinda unorganized I suppose. But it’s just a small thing. The rest of the video is just them sitting at a cafe table (or kitchen table, maybe) with a present from the boy the song sings about, looking sad and whatnot.

I give this video, song, and outfits a 4/5. It would be a 3 but I’m sure it’ll all grow on me.

Overall both songs are great, the videos are great, and the outfits are great. I have to say I’m liking Ee ka! much more overall, it’s just catchier, the outfits are stellar and the music video is great, but I’m not liking Ii Yatsu as much in the video and outfits departments, even though I like the song well enough.

What do you like best, and what are your thoughts on the videos?

The single will be released December 18th.

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