Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | January 1, 2014

Mitsui Aika to go on Hiatus

Not the best news for the new year, but it’s the first post I have for all of you news-wise!

Mitsui announced yesterday (December 31st) through her blog that she will be putting a stop to her entertainment activities in order to study English abroad.

She said that after she graduated from Morning Musume she became interested in English. “I want to learn genuine English by coming in contact with it. I began to think that way. I am thinking about studying abroad!!!

She said about leaving Japan, “I have many things to prepare for, but I am thinking about leaving within January,” and assured fans as she continued, “I won’t leave Hello!”

This is pretty sudden and kind of random, but regardless, I wish her luck in her journey and I hope she enjoys herself! Maybe she’ll find new things and pursue new things, and bring new things for her career as a result, more than what H!P is currently offering her (although to be fair, she’s gotten a lot of musical work since her graduation).

Good luck to her!


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