Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | February 7, 2014

Berryz MV’s Released

This is late, but I was waiting for the second MV to be released before making a post, and now that it is, here’s my thoughts!

I’ll start with Otona na no yo!.

This song is nice. It’s poppy and upbeat and fun. It’s a nice take back to the old Berryz style with a New Berryz twist. All girls get lines, which is lovely! Risako and Miya dominate as always, however, but it’s better than nothing.

The music video is impressively nice! H!P has been doing really well this past year with MVs. The music video is very… I don’t know how to describe it. Subdued? Washed out? Colour-wise. But it’s a good thing! The video consists of the dance shot, where they dance in a concrete room with waxed flooring and large glowsticks set up behind them and what appears to be a few mannequins here and there, the close up, where the girls sing to the camera while hugging and/or leaning into a mannequin, and a couple of scenes where you see them trying perfume. It reminds me of a grown-up version of C-ute’s LaLaLa Shiwase no Uta. I really like the video as a whole.

The girl’s outfits are really nice, now that we can see them well. Saki, Chinami, Momoko, and Miyabi got the best outfits, as I can’t say I like Yurina’s all that much (the shirt is nice, but her top looks boring) and Maasa’s vest looks odd to me (maybe too big?). Risako’s outfit is the most odd, because it doesn’t match up with the other girl’s outfits (which are more modern looking), and looks like something a grandma would wear. The only time it looks good/decent is when you can see it in full – it’s not so bad when you see that it’s shorter. Their makeup, in the album covers, looked horrible (Miyabi especially) because it was so caked on, and looked ridiculous, like it did in Loving You Too Much. But, I see now the reason behind it – the video’s colouring was subdued to give it the effect it has, and so the makeup was bright because it wouldn’t show up on camera that way. So, this time, it was a good call. Or maybe this was an accident.

Now the dance. Finally, Berryz has something a little more interesting, but I’ll have to wait for the danceshot to see what I really think of it. But yay for a Captain dance solo! She’s waited over ten years for one and now she’s got it (although short and simple).

Overall, the song, the video, the outfits, the dance, and everything in total, I would give a 4/5. The girls did great!

Now on to 1-oku 3-senman Sou Diet Oukoku.

This song is interesting… it starts off sounding compressed, you know, like as if you’re underwater, kinda? Which is great. And then it turns really cool, keeping in line with Berryz’s recent music style (and H!P as a whole). However, the verses, similar to Momusu’s Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa, sound a bit disjointed (although not nearly as much as MM’s song, it’s just awkward on the first listen). The verses also repeat one section of a sentence A LOT, and after a while gets repetitive. But the song is catchy in the course and as a whole despite the repetitiveness it has. About halfway through after the second verse, the song does what seems to be popular in J-pop recently, and cuts to the instrumental break that isn’t quite dubstep but the influence is there, and after a cool but usual Simple-Berryz style dance break, they skip to the last course and the song ends.

The music video is very futuristic, and reminds me of the covers of C-ute’s 6th album Chou! WONDERFUL. The dance shot has the girls dancing in a bright white room with a black grid wall with what appears to be a cool lighting effect behind it, with the room occasionally going dark. Then there’s the close up, which is the standard sing-to-the-camera shots. The video has some slow motion sections and a few skips for visual effects, which makes the video more appealing. The outfits look like a mash between Cute’s Chou! WONDERFUL album outfits and S/mileage’s Ee ka?! outfits. Also, Captain has anew hairstyle which is really cute, and I was happy to see that all the girls got different hairstyles than normal (other than Maasa and Chii, because their hair is so short). The make-up is also very nice.

The video overall is the standard stuff and nothing too special, but it’s nice anyways. The outfits are cool, all the girls get lines, but the song isn’t amazing (at least not to me). It may grow on me. So, overall this gets a 4/5.

Overall, this single is a good Berryz release, but not the amazing knock-out single I was hoping for. Maybe the next release. At least it’s not terrible, right?

The single releases February 19th.


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