Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | February 8, 2014

Site Updates (#16)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. As you can see, I’ll be changing them to numbers rather than counting weeks, because as we all know, I haven’t been able to keep up well with the weekly thing. This is better for organization.

I normally break things down but because I haven’t done much, I won’t bother. I did update Berryz’s and C-ute’s individual profile pictures with the outfits for the new singles (C-ute’s upcoming one), and I hope to be able to updated the profile sections as a whole soon, possibly tomorrow. I’ve been busier with school than I thought I would be, and daily life stuff, so I’ve fallen behind more than planned. So I can’t say if I’ll be able to get much done this week or the following week.

What I do know, is that March Break is coming up and will be here before I know it, I’m sure. So, I plan to spend a week at my grandparent’s, and I’ll be bringing my laptop with me. Since they aren’t too well at the moment, they may not want to go out much or anything, so I know I’ll have loads of time to just sit down and get to work. Once I’m caught up, I’ll do my absolute best to keep it that way! I apologize to anyone inconvenienced by the lack of upkeep on the information side of this blog.

This site, at that time, will be in a state of construction, so I have yet to decide if I’ll keep it open or not during that week. Because there is two releases set so far for March (C-ute on March 5th and J=J on the 12th, which cuts into my March Break) I’m sure other groups will have news and all of that, and so I’m thinking I may want to continue posting news in order to keep you all properly updated. With that said, I may just close the Profile and Discography pages while I work on them and re-open them at the end of the week, just to give you guys the heads-up.

Thank you all for understanding and continuing to support this blog despite it’s lack of consistent updates over the past few months. I appreciate it.

That’s all, have a lovely weekend everyone. 🙂


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