Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 5, 2014

A collection of small snips of news!

Because these all wont fit in individual posts as they’re too small, I’ll stick them all in one.

Starting with Berryz!

Berryz are doing a national campaign for their 10th Anniversary! Captain and Miyabi are currently in Hokkaido to start off.

Momoko is graduating from University this spring!

And for C-ute…

The new song Love take it all will be the campaign spot song for BS-TBS.

They are also going to have a new 6-episode TV show titled C-ute no Challenge TV. The show will air every last Thursday of the month on BS-TBS!

I’m so happy for H!P, they are doing so well, but C-ute is really shooting high. I hope this year is as good if not better than last for H!P!


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