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S/mileage – Mystery Night! / Eighteen Emotion MVs Released!

With the upload of Eighteen Emotion’s full MV on the group’s official YouTube channel, here is the usual mini-review post! ūüôā

I’ll start with Mystery Night!

Where do I begin. Between the two songs, this one is less for me, and I feel like it may end up like C-ute’s Love take it all – I like it but I don’t listen to it a lot. The song is a darker, sexier side of S/mileage we haven’t ever seen before (aside from Attarashi Watashi ni Nare! – but that song was much more tame). Instrumentally, I like it. I love the violins! The girls’ vocals are nice (I kind of like that vocal effect overlay), and the line distribution is improving. However, the lyrics are… in my opinion, not appropriate. Kanon and Ayacho can sing such a song as they are older, but I think such a song is not appropriate for girls at the age of 15-16, like the rest of S/mileage. Lines like “Even a little unkempt clothes, even lipstick smeared with sweat / Everything is apart of me /¬†Every single one of them is apart of me” or, even a 15-year-old Meimi singing ¬†“I wonder if I can choose one guy tonight” is slightly sickening to me.¬†With the constant mentioning of a¬†“stage”, I can’t help but think the song is about a stripper or an erotic dancer, but sometimes it just sounds like a girl at a club getting all hot and sexy with a bunch of guys hoping to get some, and she’s more than willing to provide. No matter what, Tsunku really shouldn’t have given S/mileage this song. I’m not saying the girls can’t mature or have more mature music, but I think this is going a bit fast. Songs like Attarashi Watashi ni Nare! were good because they were sexy without overdoing it, but this is pushing the bar for me, personally. Plus, S/mileage has always, since the beginning (with the exception of Yume Miru 15sai) had cuter songs filled with energy and fun,¬†and I felt that that was their¬†trademark style that kept them¬†unique from the other H!P groups that were going in this¬†direction, and a lot of people liked that style just as it was. But,¬†to conclude, the song is okay itself, musically, but I don’t like the lyrics. Normally I might not mind them as much as a C-ute song or¬†a Berryz Kobo song, but as a S/mileage song, to me, it¬†doesn’t work.

In terms of the music video, it’s the standard stuff – dance shot, close ups. The dance shot is in some type of basement of a building (it¬†could be a set, though)¬†and the close ups are¬†the girls standing/sitting against concrete walls, some of which glow in colours. Kinda cool. It’s pretty standard and I found it kind of boring, really. The outfits are… well, erotic, and once again not appropriate (H!P normally keeps things sexy but not TOO sexy, so the amount of cleavage surprised me, especially on the younger girls – I’m surprised their outfits weren’t even just a little more covered at the top). The bottom section is alright I suppose, it’s more the top of the dresses that bothers me. As for the dance, it’s pretty sexy and it has it’s cool moments. The beginning is pretty cool, and I can see S/mileage are slowly receiving cooler and “harder” dances than before, so that’s nice to see.

Overall, as a whole, this half of the single isn’t amazing to me. The song is okay (although I don’t care for the lyrics, at least 70% of them, anyways), the music video is low-budget, the outfits aren’t great or anything and the dance is alright. It’s just not amazing to me, is all. I give this a 2/5 stars, maybe a 3/5 at best.


Onto Eighteen Emotion!

Okay, this is the stronger side of the single! This song was instantly catchy! This is much more “S/mileage” than the other song, but it still has a more mature vibe to it. The instrumental is awesome, it has a cool rockish sound to it that I just love, and the vocals from the girls are awesome, too. I’m happy to see lots of Rina (she has a few solos!!) and Kanna as well, and it’s nice to see that S/mileage is becoming more diverse vocally because it really gives the group colour, if that makes sense (unlike Morning Musume, who is going backwards with line distribution rather than forwards, but that’s for another post). The lyrics are sweet, a song about the emotions of an eighteen-year-old. Although only two of these members can relate to this song, someday, it will be a song for all of the girls, and it’s got “older lyrics” without it being erotic or adult-oriented, which is good for a group like S/mileage.

The music video is creative and fun, and I like it a lot! It’s the usual dance shot, close up, etc. pattern but this music video does it in a fun way. The dance shot is taken in front of a set of amplifiers which just looks super cool behind them while they dance, and the close ups aren’t anything special but the girls look great! Their outfits bothered me when I first saw them in some pictures because they seemed random (notably Meimi and Rina’s shirts – everyone else has black-and-white combinations, but then there’s them with green and blue shirts), but for some reason they seem to look fine to me in this music video. The dance is also awesome and looks like loads of fun. It’s once again a bit harder than the usual super-easy-and-quirky dances we’re used to seeing from them, but¬†it’s still fun and upbeat, and¬†still has that usual S/mileage flair to it. I also LOVE the shots with the girls lying on the floor in a circle with¬†coloured cords around them. I don’t know why, it’s just a really nice touch (I’m also really hoping it’s an album jacket, too)!

Overall, I love the music video, the outfits are cute, the dance is great and I think the song may become one of my new favourites from S/mileage! Great job girls!

Also, as a side note, it’s been announced that the girls will be performing at the Nippon Budokan on July 15th! Congrats ladies!

The single releases April 30th.



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