Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 10, 2014

S/mileage New Single Covers and Tracklists Released!

The tracklists have been out for a while now but the covers were just released, so here they are!

Regular A:


(Regular A, Limited A and C have the same CD tracklist)

1. Mystery Night!
2. Eighteen Emotion
3. Mystery Night! (Instrumental)
4. Eighteen Emotion (Instrumental)

Regular B:


(Regular B and Limited B have the same CD tracklist)

1. Eighteen Emotion
2. Mystery Night!
3. Eighteen Emotion (Instrumental)
4. Mystery Night! (Instrumental)

Limited A:



1. Mystery Night! (Music Video)

Limited B:



1. Eighteen Emotion (Music Video)

Limited C:


1. Mystery Night! (Dance Shot ver.)
2. Eighteen Emotion (Dance Shot ver.)

These covers are awesome! I love all of them, they’re all so well done and lovely to look at. In terms of the ‘Mystery Night!’ ones, I like Regular A and Limited A the most, and with the Eighteen Emotion ones, I like both equally! Limited C is nice but I feel it’s the odd one out. Like as if they tried to combined the Mystery Night! outfits with the colour scheme of Eighteen Emotion, maybe. I dunno. It just looks off with those dark sexier outfits and a lighter surrounding, I suppose. But nonetheless, I like them all! It’s been a long time since S/mileage has had amazing covers. Actually I think this is the first time where all their covers are great and I enjoy them all!

The single releases April 30th!

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