Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 14, 2014

Juice=Juice News!

A few bits of news from Juice=Juice!

The girls will be having their first solo concert tour!

The tour is titled News=News ~Kakuchi Yori Otodoke Shimasu!.

I’m so excited for them! They’ve worked hard and have earned having a stage all to themselves, and I’m sure the live will be super fun for everyone.

The tour will start on June 13th and end August 8th.

And with a solo tour, I’m sure you’re wondering about the song list, right? I mean, they’ve only had 5 singles so far, and only 7 original songs total, so will they be covering other H!P songs to help fill the setlist?

Although I have no information as of right now, the girls will be releasing their first original album!

One of the new songs, Magic of Love, was performed on this week’s Hello! Station.

As far as I know, it will have a summer release.

I’ll update once more information is available!


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