Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 26, 2014

Juice=Juice New Single MVs Released!

Once again, Juice=Juice have impressed me! The MVs for their upcoming double a-side have both been released on their YouTube channel, so here I am with a post on my thoughts.

Starting with Black Butterfly.

Wow. Where to begin? When watching the preview on Hello! Station, I was seriously jaw-dropped in awe. I just wasn’t expecting… this. Black Butterfly has a sexy and mature feeling to it, with tango flair. The lyrics are sort of mysterious, and the girl’s vocals are awesome. I do feel Karin’s “Black Butterfly” during the final chorus sounds a little odd to me, I think it wasn’t really needed, even though I did feel the last chorus was in need of a little oomph to end the song. But this song rocks! I was liking Hadaka no Kiss and the flamenco style it had, but this song is even better! [Edit: Karin’s line has grown on me after a few listens.]

The music video is awesome too. The video is a mix of the dance shot, close up, and a shot with the girls in two groups sitting among flowers. The video is very dark, with only the pink, red, blue, and violet flowers contrasting, which looks brilliant. I was immediately reminded of Morning Musume’s Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game for some reason when I saw them sitting in the bed of flowers with the dark background. The music video has good camera angles and is visually impressive, absolutely great. I love the part during the instrumental break where it’s black and white, but the pink flowers around them on the chain-link fence keep their colour, it’s just an awesome addition to the video. Their outfits, although I liked them enough already, look even better in the video, and the girls all look stunning! The dance looks like another great Juice=Juice dance, which leaves me really wanting the dance shot! Just another great, but simple, music video from Juice=Juice!

Overall the song is fantastic (probably a new favourite of mine), the outfits are great, the girls look and sound lovely, and the music video is awesome! 5/5 from me!


So, on to Kaze ni Fukarete.

This song is another wow from me! I love the way the song  opens, it’s awesome. This song has a sort of Irish feel to it to me throughout the song (but especially so during the instrumental sections), and I love that Tsunku is experimenting with Juice=Juice’s sound a little bit, because it’s rare we get “cultural” influences aside from flamenco-styled songs within H!P. The bagpipes, I believe is what’s being used. I also love the sort of electronic voice-like sound after the choruses. Just lovely arraignment as a whole! In terms of lyrics and vocals, just lovely as well. The girls really pulled this song off well, and I really find the melody catchy. A great song over all!

As for the music video, it’s great, too. I like the outside shots – H!P doing more music videos outside the studios is great! This music video has some type of storyline, which everyone’s pretty excited about, and I do enjoy story-driven music videos. However, I’m having trouble figuring out what the story being told is? Karin throws a paper airplane off the roof of a building, looking sad. Akari finds it, reads it, and begins running. She passed Yuka, who after sharing a brief look at one another, begins running, too. Tomoko’s already running. And then, Sayubee finds another thrown airplane, and begins running. All girls reach Karin at the top of the building in the end. But what for? What did the airplanes say? Why was Tomo, who never saw the airplane or at least was connected to any of the girls (unlike Yuka, with Akari), running to Karin? A few people made “Suicidal Karin” comments, and I suppose the lyrics sort of match that idea, but I highly doubt that was what was happening? Was she just assembling J=J for a emergency meeting? Although I’m normally not picky with H!P music videos, I do like my story-driven music videos to actually have detail in it that TELLS a story, not just vague scenes passed off as a storyline of sorts, like this one has. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual studio settings I guess, and it’s visually appealing and an okay video to watch, but I think more could have been done with it in terms of storyline that wouldn’t have taken much effort, at least to have it make obvious sense.

Aside from that, I really like the girl’s outfits here. This song has a more powerful feel to it. J=J’s double a-side releases have always had a cool/sexy song paired with a cute/lighter song, with matching music videos. But, for this release, both songs have a cool sound to them, and although Black Butterfly has that sexiness to it, this song has more power, if you get what I mean. So, originally, seeing the outfits and the covers, I was expecting something more light and summery from this song and video, but it reminds me very much of C-ute’s Aitai Aitai Aitai na in that it’s a cool and powerful song, but it’s visual components – the outfits, the music video, etc. – are the opposite. Had I listened to this song on it’s own, I wouldn’t have imagined a video like this for it at all. However, I like it this way! It’s refreshing, somehow, and I think it in a way fits with it much better than something darker, now that I’ve seen it this way. The outfits are super cute and all the girls look great, and the dance looks like a usual great Juice=Juice dance!

Overall, the music video is good, the dance looks good, the outfits are cute and the song rocks! The girls did a great job with this one!

I’m impressed with this release. Both songs are awesome! Normally, I like one song more than the other when it comes to double a-side releases, but with this single, I really enjoy both songs pretty equally.

The single releases July 30th!

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