Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 8, 2014

S/mileage New MVs Released!

Both MVs for S/mileage’s next double a-side have been released on their official channel.

I’ll start with Aa, Susukino.

The song itself is good. I wasn’t quite feeling it when I first heard it – it didn’t give me that “Wow, this is amazing!” feeling, where a song instantly grabs you and makes you want to listen to it again. Recently, H!P’s releases haven’t grabbed me right away (C-ute’s Love Take it All, The Power, Berryz’ Diet or Morning Musume’s Password is Zero, to name a few), but recently S/mileage’s past few songs have really got me good, aside from Mystery Night, which I still don’t care for. This song, too, falls into the category of “Meh” on the first listen. After a few more, I’ve come to quite like it. I don’t care for the dialog within the song, although I tend to never like dialog all that much to begin with. The verses are nice and the chorus is catchy enough that I’ll probably listen to it often enough, and maybe eventually go from really liking it to loving it.

As for the music video, it’s simple but special in that it’s shot in an airport! An actual airport, not a set. It’s been closed down, or at least the section they’re filming in has been, of course. But still, it’s nice to see H!P doing more story-driven/outside the studio music videos – first C-ute, then Juice=Juice and now S/mileage, it’s definitely a great change. Having done shooting on a cloudy day, it keeps the colours rather dim and muted, but that works with the atmosphere, I suppose. I got a little bored with it about half way through, because it’s all the same stuff, as usual – close ups of the girl’s singing, dance shot, shots of them looking out longingly… I mean, going to an actual airport and all that is fantastic and the video as a whole is well put together and the shots are lovely, but the whole video is all the same thing, so although I could watch it all the way to the end just fine… I don’t know how to put it. It’s just kinda boring in a way. I liked it, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best music video’s from H!P this year. But, on the plus side, the dance looks good and so do the girl’s outfits, so those get good points from me.

Overall, the song is great, the girls look and sound great, and dance seems good and the video is good too! This gets 3.5/5 for me.

On to Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu.

This song was also in the category of “meh” to me. The line “Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu” is sang to a similar melody as Morning Musume’s Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai, and the way it’s repeated only furthered the feeling of having heard this before, and the song seemed recycled to me at that point. However, as the song moved on, it lost that feeling pretty quickly. I love the saxophone, and the rest of the arraignment is one of the big pluses in this song. The melody of the verses is alright and sorta catchy. The lower notes Ayaka takes on really suits her voice and she does them really well. Even though there’s not too much of a big lead into the chorus and the song stays relatively at the same level the whole way through, it’s not a bad thing with this song because it suits it, and the chorus is probably the most catchiest part of the song that will stay stuck in people’s heads. I liked it!

Because so much of the budget went to renting out the airport for Aa, Susukino, we are back to the studio sets. This isn’t too bad here because they made it work. The usual dance shot and close ups were used, and I kinda liked that they split the group into two for group singing shots, because it’s a nice change to split it up. I also loved the sparkling background with Ayacho and Kanon’s silhouettes! As for the outfits, simple is best, and I really love the deep red they chose because it really fits the song well. All the girls look great! Ayacho’s forehead makes an appearance, and she looks amazing! I wish Meimei would start putting her hair like that again, it suits her more than bangs do. The dance also looks well done, it’s nice to see S/mileage have dances that don’t have any weird or awkward dance moves in them.

Overall, I liked the music video, the girls look and sound great (Ayacho rocked this one, and she’s awesome live!), and the song is great! I give this half a 4/5.

This single is a pretty good one, but I really wouldn’t say it’s their best. Both songs are great, but neither have that “amazing” factor to them for me, although there’s always the chance they may grow on me to that point.

The single releases August 20th.


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