Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | August 17, 2014

360th Post!

I’ve reached my 360th post, so I thought I’d make this the time for a small “Site Updates” post, since it’s been a very long time since I’ve made one, or even a non-news type of post, for that matter.

I’d like to take a moment to apologize from my lack of posting. During the spring and early summer months I was rushing to finish assignments and school work and had to juggle a lot. Since I graduated high school in late June, I’ve been super busy with babysitting my six year old little sister during the week, which wasn’t something I had planned at all. For the first week, I was the only one watching her for ten hours a day, and my sister is quite the brat and therefore a total handful. For the second and third week of watching her, one of my brothers was forced to help me, because at the end of the day I was so exhausted I was just going straight to bed once my parents got home around 5:30, and sometimes wouldn’t come up for dinner because I was too tired. So, now with me having the morning shift, from8:30am until 12:45pm, I have a little time to myself to dedicate towards doing things I had planned to do this summer.

Well, with all of that said (I feel like that’s the most personal I’ve gotten on this blog), I haven’t had time to do much with this blog aside from quick news posts, and the usual mini-music video reviews every few months. I had a lot of plans for it this summer – I wanted to revamp the entire thing, since in the past four years this blog has never changed in terms of layout/theme. I planned to do a major update of all the discographies and the profiles, which I had started doing in the spring. However, none of that ended up happening, and I became too busy to focus on it. Now, with a few days little sister free, I hope to dedicate more time to this blog, although I can’t really promise anything because as we all know, sometimes life throws us things we just hadn’t expected.

However, I do plan on, gradually in bits and pieces, updating this website’s information and look, and to start posting more opinion pieces and the like, like I used to. I have a whole list of topics I’d like to write about, and I know a lot of you enjoyed those posts, so I’ve always wanted to get back to writing them but never have had the time. On top of that, I’ve been thinking about taking this blog back to its H!P-only roots. I still enjoy other groups, but I don’t post about JUMP so much and even though I have reviews of things outside H!P, the website has mostly stayed strictly H!P, and it just seems odd to me now. So, I was thinking about creating a secondary blog, where it’ll be run similarly – with reviews, news, opinion articles and fun posts, etc. – but will be a non-H!P J-pop blog. Well, that’s been what I’ve been considering. Now that I’m not burdened by school as much anymore and will be taking a year off, and once my sister is in school again starting in September, I’ll have much more time to run my many blogs.

So, these are my thoughts and ideas. Everyone is free to chime in, too! If I make another blog, would you be interested in reading/keeping up with it? And in terms of this blog, what would you like to see me do with it? What posts would you like me to make – what topics, etc. would you like me to write about? I’m interesting in everyone’s thoughts, because you guys have continued to keep up with my blog for a few years now, and so I’d like to make your visits here as enjoyable as possible! Plus, I don’t get many comments, so I think my fun posts and opinion articles would generate some comments and discussions.

Let me know in the comments below!


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