Single V

Event V


SHOCK! was released on January 6th 2010. The single was released in both limited and regular editions, with the limited containing a bonus DVD. The limited edition and the first press of the regular edition come with a serial number card used to enter a lottery where tickets can be won to an event. This was the first single to be released after Erika Umeda’s graduation, which also makes it the first single not to feature her. Airi Suzuki is “centred” in this single, taking on the main vocals. It is the first C-ute single to have just one member single the whole song. The single peaked at #1 on the Oricon daily charts, and #5 on the weekly charts. The single also reached #13 on the monthly chart for January, with a reported total of 23,389 copies sold.


CD Tracklist
2. Ikiyouze!
3. SHOCK! (Instrumental)

Limited DVD
1. SHOCK! (Dance shot ver.)

Single V
1. SHOCK! (PV)
2. SHOCK! (Close-up ver.)
3. Making of

Event V
1. SHOCK! (Yajima Maimi Close-up ver.)
2. SHOCK! (Nakajima Saki Close-up ver.)
3. SHOCK! (Suzuki Airi Close-up ver.)
4. SHOCK! (Okai Chisato Close-up ver.)
5. SHOCK! (Hagiwara Mai Close-up ver.)

Members at time of release

  • Yajima Maimi
  • Nakajima Saki
  • Suzuki Airi
  • Okai Chisato
  • Hagiwara Mai

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