Ai no Tane



Morning Musume demo single was released November 3rd 1997. Producer Tsunku challenged the five girls who lost the Sharan Q audition to sell 50,000 copies of this song they recorded together to get a record deal. Recordings began on mid-September as well as the photoshoot for the CD cover. During the production, the group faced a big issue regarding with Yuko Nakazawa. At the beginning, Nakazawa wore long hair that was originally featured in their single’s cover. She later cut it short before debuting publicly. This act caused for a re-shoot of the cover and her solo lines in the song’s bridge.

The single was released and first distributed on November 3 at Shinsaibashi, Osaka, selling 16,610 copies, and then on November 9 at Fukuoka with 9,004 copies. Distribution continued on November 23 at Sapporo with 14,853 copies. During this event, Kaori Iida was hospitalized because her contact lens broke and caused temporary blindness. She was able to come back before the fourth day of “Ai no Tane” distribution at Nagoya. The girls sold 9,533 copies.After four days of distribution, the five girls accomplished their task and were taken under Tsunku’s wings.


CD Tracklist
1. Ai no Tane

Members at time of release

  • Nakazawa Yuko
  • Abe Natsumi
  • Iida Kaori
  • Ishiguro Aya
  • Fukuda Asumi

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