LOVE Machine



The group’s seventh single, released on September 9, 1999 as an 8 cm CD, sold a total of 1,760,000 copies, making it a massive hit (a #1 single in Japan) and the group’s highest selling single to date. In 2004, it was re-released as part of the Early Single Box and again in 2005 as a 12 cm CD. The single was the first for the newest third generation member Goto Maki and the departure of first generation member Ishiguro Aya.

In 2008, a remade version of the song was released by Scott Murphy of Allister in his album Guilty Pleasures 3. In 2009, the song was remade into Korean by South Korean girl group After School under the name “Dream Girl”, and Avex Group posted a “RIKI version” by actor Riki Takeuchi on its official YouTube channel in celebration of the song’s tenth anniversary.

The single, although a massive success, was also labled to have a curse, called the “Love Machine” curse. In the cover, the members graduated in the a sort of criss-cross order of the line up – Ishiguro Aya (January 2000), Sayaki Ichii (2000), Yuko Nakazawa (April 2001), Goto Maki (2002), Yasuda Kei (mid-2003), Natsumi Abe (January 2004), Iida Koari (January 2005), Yaguchi Mari. (March 2005). When Morning Musume reproduced the cover of Love Machine for their 10 Annaversary album in 2007, fans were worried it would start all over again as when the graduations of Kamei Eri, JunJun and LinLin were announced in June 2010 fans could see they were at the top right-hand corner (just like Ishiguro Aya) and in order. However, Kusumi Koharu had already gradutated from the group in December 2009 and was in the front row second-in from the left (where Natsumi would be) so fans weren’t sure if it would happen again. Takahashi Ai was the next to graduate after Kamei, JunJun and Linlin in September 2011, who was first from the right (where Sayaka was) and then Niigaki Risa in May 2012 who was in the top row first from the left (where Kaori was), making this proven false.


CD Tracklist
1. Love Machine
2. 21 Seiki
3. Love Machine (Instrumental)

Members at time of release

1st generation:

  • Nakazawa Yuko
  • Abe Natsumi
  • Iida Kaori
  • Ishiguro Aya

2nd generation:

  • Yasuda Kei
  • Yaguchi Mari
  • Ichii Sayaka

3rd generation

  • Goto Maki


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