THE Manpower!!!


Single V


The group’s 25th single was released January 19th 2005 and sold a total of 67, 860 copies, reaching #4 on the Oricon Charts. The single was released in both limited and regular editions; the limited coming with Hello! Project Photo Cards No. 0064 to 0068. The first press of the regular edition and the Single V came with a photo card. The song was used as the 2005 support song for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles baseball team. This was the last single to feature first generation Iida Kaori.


CD Tracklist
1. THE Manpower!!!
2. Love and Peace! Hero ga Yattekita
3. THE Manpower!!! (Instrumental)

Single V Tracklist
1. THE Manpower!!! (PV)
2. THE Manpower!!! (Another ver.)
3. Making of

Members at time of release

1st generation:

  • Iida Kaori

2nd generation:

  • Yaguchi Mari

4th generation:

  • Yoshizawa Hitomi
  • Ishikawa Rika
  • Tsuji Nozomi
  • Kago Ai

5th generation:

  • Konno Asami

  • Ogawa Makoto
  • Takahashi Ai
  • Niigaki Risa

6th generation:

  • Fujimoto Miki

  • Kamei Eri
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Tanaka Reina

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