Uchoten LOVE


Single V

Event V

Special Editions


Smileage’s 10th single, Uchouten LOVE, was released on August 3rd 2011 in 5 editions: Limited A, B, C, D, and regular, with Limited A, B, and C containing a DVD. Additionally, all the limited editions of the single came with a lottery ticket for the event. The single V was release August 10th 2011. The single reached number 4 on the Oricon charts and sold a total of 33, 823 copies.

A box set of all 5 versions of the single was released through the group’s offical website by Pony Canyon as part of a special promotion. The box set also included a ticket to a special event that would allow the buyer to take a picture with S/mileage to commemorate their last days as a 4-member group.

During the Hello! Project Summer 2011, people could pre-order copies of the single that would come with special replacement covers. Those who preordered on the 16th of July would get Fukuda Kanon, and those who preordered on the 17th of July would get Wada Ayaka.

This single is also the last to feature original (also know as “1st generation”) member Ogawa Saki, as she decided to
graduate from Smileage and Hello! Project on August 28th to return to being a normal middle school student.


1. Uchouten Love
2. Chu! Natsu Pa~rty
3. Uchouten Love (Instrumental)

Limited Edition CD
1. Uchouten Love
2. Jitensha Chiririn
3. Uchouten Love (Instrumental)

Limited A
1. uchouten Love (Dance shot ver.)

Limited B
1. Uchouten Love (4 Shot Lip ver.)

Limited C
1. Uchouten Love (School Chorus ver.)

Event V
1. Uchouten Love (PV)
2. Uchouten Love (Super Close-up ver.)
3. Making of

Event V
1. Uchouten Love (Deco Mic ver.)
2. Uchouten Love (Wada Ayaka  Super Close-up Ver.)
3. Uchouten Love (Maeda Yuuka  Super Close-up Ver.)
4. Uchouten Love (Fukuda Kanon  Super Close-up Ver.)
5. Uchouten Love (Ogawa Saki Super Close-up Ver.)

Members at time of release

  • Wada Ayaka (Leader)
  • Maeda Yuuka
  • Fukuda Kanon
  • Ogawa Saki

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