Buono!’s Profile


Buono! is a group consisting of Hello! Project Kids members: Natsuyaki Miyabi and Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo and Suzuki Airi from °C-ute. The name of the group comes from the italian word for Good.

The unit was officially announced at the Nakayoshi magazine Festival 2007 at Tokyo’s Sunshine City in Ikebukuro on August 21st 2007. They performed and sung both the opening (“Kokoro no Tamago”) and ending (“Honto no Jibun”) themes for the anime adaptation of the Shugo Chara! manga, which is the purpose of the group and what they were created for.

Buono did the opening and ending themes for the fist season of the Shugo Chara! anime, but as of the second season, Buono! only recorded the ending themes, as the opening themes were handled by Shugo Chara Egg! and Guardians 4, two other groups formed for the sake of performing and recording Shugo Chara! music.

Although most Buono! singles were for the anime, Buono! released 3 albums that had no relation and was just them as a group.

Buono is the “advertisement unit” of Pizza company “Pizza-La”. They have a TV CM spot, and Buono posters advertising the lastest offers can be found in the 550 shops in Japan. They’re also the advertisement unit for Pinkdot stores (Waffles), which is located in the mall inside Tokyo Tower.

In March 2009 it was announced that they would be performing at Stockholm Japan Expo 2009 in Sweden on May 24th along with other Japanese artists such as Miyavi. Due to economical issues and poor ticket sale, it was announced that the expo was canceled and Buono! would not be preforming in Sweden.

The anime Shugo Chara ended in early 2010, and Buono!’s future as a group was questioned by fans due their inactivity. In December 2010, it was announced that after almost a year on hiatus, Buono! would resume their activities as a group. Their 11th single, Zassou no Uta, was released February 2, 2011. It is their first release under the Zetima label, making them labelmates with both °C-ute and Morning Musume. This was their first single that had no relation to the anime.

On January 23, 2011 the official Buono Youtube channel was been opened, with a message from the girls.

Buono’s first concert, Re;Buono! Winter concert tour 2011 began in Febuary of that year. The DVD and Blue Ray is set to be released on June 22nd, and on July 20th their 12th single, NASTU DAKARA!, which was announced by the girls during a youtube video on their channle will be released and will include 3 versions: Regular, Limited A and Limited B. A short preveiw of the MV was released. Buono! has done a collaboration with a video game, which will have an item that a player acheves that is Buono-related.

Buono! starred in a horror movie titled “Gomenasai”. The movie started in theaters from October 28th – December-ish 2011. The movie was released Feburary 12th 2012.

The group released their first double A-side single, Hastukoi Cider / DEEP MIND. DEEP MIND is the theme song of their horror movie.

Buono!’s latest concert titled “Buono! Live 2012 R・E・A・L” was released on DVD and Blue Ray on May 23rd. The concert has a few interesting notes, as the group’s Internet Cupid from their first album is listed as a “(2012 ver)”, and a few of their others songs had special versions done for the concert. Buono also did a melody, which is something the group almost never does.

Buono! released their second mini album, titled SHERBET on August 22nd 2012.



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