Nakajima Saki’s Profile

Nakajima Saki, February 2014


Nakajima joined Hello! Project as one of the fifteen girls selected from the Hello! Project Kids auditions in 2002.

Berryz Kobo was formed in 2004, with the intention of rotating the fifteen kids throughout the unit, with each eventually having a chance in the group. Nakajima wasn’t one of the original eight to be chosen, and after a while the idea was dropped, leaving the eight original members permanent. In 2005, the remaining eight who weren’t chosen ending up forming °C-ute.

The group’s official debut didn’t arrive until late 2006, with their first official single released in February 2007. She was a member of Little Gatas and then Mix Gatas before being added to Gatas Brilhantes H.P. in 2007 . Nakajima Saki was placed in the unit Athena & Robikerottsu, a group created for an anime of the same name, along with fellow °C-ute member Okai Chisato, as well as Niigaki Risa and Mitsui Aika of Morning Musume in October 2007.

Along with fellow H!P Kids members Kumai Yurina and Sugaya Risako for Berryz, and Mitsui Aika of Morning Musume to be in a newly formed group, Guardians 4 in 2009. This group was formed to sing the opening theme songs to the anime Shugo Chara!

In 2009, she had her first role in theater in Romantic no Yoroshiku.

Nakajima’s first photobook, titled NACKY, was release December 9th 2009.

It was revealed that Saki would be included among the cast for Morning Musume’s stage play titled ‘Fashionable’ which played from June 12th – 27th 2010.

Details about Niigaki Risa’s 3D movie titled ‘Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 3D’ had been released in August 2010, which would also feature Saki as well as Hello! Pro Egg’s Takagi Sayuki and Sato Ayano.

Later this year, Saki wrote on the C-ute blog – Blog Entry With Mention of Nakky Appearing on Aimaina that she will be a semi-regular on the TBS show ‘Aimaina’, Yaguchi Mari and Michishige Sayumi are also regulars on the show.

Nakajima appeared in the horror movie Ousama Game, with her fellow C-ute members as well as the members of Berryz Kobo, and Dori Sakurada who also starred in Suugaku Joshi Gakuen. The movie is based on the novel of the same name. The movie was released in theaters December 17th 2011.

Alongside several Hello! Project members, Nakajima appeared in the comedy drama Suugaku Joshi Gakuen, which ran from January 11, 2012 — March 28, 2012.

Her second photobook, W Saki, was release July 15th 2011.

Nakajima starred in the theater musical 1974 Ikunayo alongside fellow C-ute member Okai Chistao. In 2012, she was in Stronger alongside another C-ute member, Hagiwara Mai, and was then in another stage play titled Junkers Come Here.

Nakajima, along with fellow C-ute member Yajima Maimi, stared in the comedy movie Zomvideo, released December 29, 2012.

It was announced in June that along with Natsuyaki Miyabi, Tokunaga Chinami, Yajima and Iikubo Haruna that Nakajima would be in a new H!P unit titled DIY♡ (Dance In Your Heart) and will release a song titled Forefore ~Forest for Rest~ for the Hello! Pro SATOYAMA movement project.

Nakajima, alongside fellow C-ute members Yajima Maimi and Hagiwara Mai and Berryz members Shimizu Saki, Kumai Yurina and Sugaya Risako starred in the first adaption of the Cat’s Eye manga/anime. The group also formed a new unit, Cat’s Eye 7, and sang the theme song for the stage play.

In February 2013 at a special event for the SATOYAMA Movement, Nakajima was announced to be a member of the new unit, HI-FIN (then called Plumeria, until the name change on June 10th 2013).

In 2013, she was in the stage play Sakura no Hanatabe, alongside Yajima Maimi.

Nakajima’s third photobook, Nakasan, was released on February 20th 2013. Her fourth photobook, titled N20, was released almost a year later, on February 5th 2014, to celebrate her turning 20.


Name: Nakajima Saki
Birth Date: Febuary 5th 1994 (Age 20)
Nickname: Nakki, Sakki, Nacky
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Height: 155cm (5’1″)
Audition Song: Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru
Strong Point: Quickly doing things that I think of, and never being happy with second place
Weak Point: I’m short, and can’t concentrate on studying.
Habit: Making a bulldog face when I’m feeling down?
Special Skill: Twirling a hula hoop many times on the first try! Scooping up goldfish game, super ball scooping, wanage (Japanese ring toss game)
Hobby: Making up my own characters, playing with my phone
Favorite Color: Pink, white
Favorite Flower: Cosmos, marigold
Disliked Thing/Thing to do: Sitting quietly (I’m always fidgeting)
Scared of: Rollercoasters
Favorite Movie: “Tonari no Totoro”!!
Favorite Book: The picture book “Soramame-kun no Bed”
Favorite Word: “Ganbare!” (Do your best)
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Food: Gratin, sushi, crab fried rice, pork miso soup, mandarins, pears, peaches, Mango Almond smoothie
Least Favorite Food: Spicy things, green bell peppers
Favorite Song: FIRST KISS (Aa!)
Charm Point: Heart-shaped mole! (on my hand), eyes, front teeth
Hello! Project Groups:


  • Hello! Project Kids
  • °C-ute (2005–)
  • Petitmoni V (2009-)
  • Hello! Project Mobekimasu (2011-)
  • DIY♡ (2012-)
  • HI-FIN (2013-)


  • Athena & Robikerottsu (2007–2008)
  • Guardians 4 (2009-2010)
  • Cat’s Eye 7 (2012)


  • Little Gatas (2004–2007)
  • Mix Gatas (2006–2007)
  • Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (2007–)


  • Has an older sister and younger sisters.
  • She shares her name with a Japanese voice actor (also named Saki Nakajima). However, there is no relation, and the kanjis are different.
  • She has stated that Ishikawa Rika and Konno Asami are the Hello! Project members she respects the most.
  • During the C-ute Concert Tour 2010 Summer-Fall: Dance Special!! “Chou Uranaito!!”, Nakajima injured her hip.
  • She is known to be one of the best dancers in Hello! Project.
  • She shares the same last name with AKIHABARA Backstage pass member Nakajima Mami, and UFP artist Nakajima Takui.
  • When taking photoshoots for singles and albums, she almost always has her lips parted or is smiling.
  • She is very ticklish on her neck.
  • All of her current group colors are related to blue or green.
  • Morning Musume’s Oda Sakura said her goal is to dance like Nakajima.
  • She wants to work on her acting skills.
  • She’d like to try working at a stylish cafe.
  • She was asked which Mano Erina song she would like to sing and said it would be Matsuge no Saki ni Kimi ga Iru.

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