Umeda Erika’s Profle


Erika took part in the 2002 Hello! Project Kids auditions and passed along with fourteen other girls.

Umeda Erika was the oldest Hello! Project Kids member out of the others. She made her first official appearance in the entertainment industry when she was included in the new unit, ZYX, along with four other Hello! Project Kids members and Morning Musume’s Yaguchi Mari as a mentor. They released two singles before becoming inactive.

In 2004 Berryz Kobo had been formed, with eight original members being chosen. The idea of the group was to rotate it’s line-up with each girl getting a chance in the group, to teach them what being in a group was like. Umeda was not one of the original eight, and the idea of rotating the members was dropped. Umeda Erika was later assigned along with the remain seven girls to the group C-ute in 2005.Originally °C-ute was releasing on an indie label, but in 2007 they made their major debut with their first major single “Sakuar Chiari” on February 21st. With their debut single, they became the youngest group (with the average age of 13) to rank in the top 10. She was also a member of Mix Gatas until she was added to Gatas Brilhantes H.P. in April, 2007.

Rumors surfaced that Umeda would be graduating from C-ute in October. This was officially confirmed by Hello! Project a few hours later. Umeda announced on August 1, 2009 she will graduate on October 25, 2009 to follow her dreams to become a fashion model. Umeda was the third member to graduate for C-ute, but was the first to receive a graduation ceremony.

On March, 2010 Illume -Models- official site listed Erika as one of their models, she has a profile section. (Link at bottom of page.)

Later on 7th April,2010 Erika opened up a blog on Ameba. The title of the blog is Erika no SWEET DIARY.

Erika and former Morning Musume member Ichii Sayaka are set to appear as models at the big fashion event “Girls Award 2010″.

On May 26th 2012, Erika appeared as a
Model for the Girls Award 2012 Spring/Summer collection ~All you need is LOVE~ event at Yoyogi Stadium. Morning Musume were also there to perform their 50th single double a-side One•Two•Three. This marked the first event she was apart of that included H!P members since her graduation.


Name: Umeda Erika (梅田えりか)
Birth Date: May 24th 1991 (Age 20)
Nickname: Ume-san, Ume-chan, Eri-chan, Umekichi
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Minami-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 171cm (5’7.3″)
Strong Point: Friendly personality, can get along with anyone
Weak Point: Selfish, can be shy
Habit: Spreading my legs because I’m always wearing pants
Special Skill: Cooking
Hobby: Collecting stickers
Favorite Subject: Music
Favorite Brand/Designer: CECIL McBEE, JSG
Favorite Color: Pink, yellow, white, light blue
Favorite Flower: Tulip, hibiscus, rose
Disliked Thing/Thing to do: Studying, exercise
Scared of: Dad, bugs, monsters
Favorite Movie: “Tonari no Totoro,” “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”
Favorite Book: “TV Pia”
Favorite Word: “Mirai” (future)
Favorite Season: Winter, summer
Favorite Food: Edamame, beef jerky, pizza, ice-cream, cake, melon, soramame, chocolate, senbei, cookies
Least Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Song: “White Love” (SPEED), “LOVE Machine” (Morning Musume)
Charm Point: Legs
Hello! Project Groups:

  • Hello! Project Kids (2002-2009)
  • ZYX (2003)
  • °C-ute (2005–2009)
  • ZYX-α (2009)
  • Bello! (2009)


  • Little Gatas (2004–2007)
  • Mix Gatas (2006–2007)
  • Gatas Brilhantes H.P. (2007–2009)


  • Umeda Erika is the oldest member of the Hello! Project Kids.
  • She has three Shih Tzus (RAMU-chan, MUU-chan, RUNA-chan.)
  • More recently, she has named her favorite food as yakiniku, her least favorite food as bitter melon, her charm point as “a row of 3 moles on the right of my cheek”, her strong point as “I have a lot of energy”, her weak point as “short tempered” and her hobbies as shopping and eating tapioca.
  • Yaguchi Mari gave her the nickname Ume-chan.
  • She has an older sister.
  • Though being the oldest of the Hello! Project Kids, she felt that she wouldn’t have been responsible enough to be leader of C-ute, so it was passed down to second oldest member Yajima Maimi.
  • Umeda’s Gatas Brillhantes number is 18 and her position was the goalkeeper.
  • Is good friends with Natsuyaki Miyabi.
  • Umeda was also a back-up dancer in performances of Fujimoto Miki’s “Boogie Train ’03”.
  • She is one of only two members to be in both ZYX and ZYX-alpha.
  • She is the third from the Hello!Project Kids who Graduate in October.
  • She is the first member in °C-ute to have a graduation ceremony.
  • Is good friends with Itano Tomomi of AKB48’s “Team A” and Sato Natsuki from “Team B”.
  • She was friends with Suzuki Airi before singing together.
  • She is good friends with Arihara Kanna even after her graduation, they showed up together on Erika’s blog.


ILLUME Official site, Erika’s profile –

Official Blog: Erika no SWEET DIARY (えりかのSWEET DIARY)


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