Guardians 4’s Profile


 Guardians 4 is a group under Hello! Project which members include Mitsui Akia from Morning Musume, Yurina Kumai and Risako Sugaya from Berryz Kobo, and Saki Nakajima from C-ute who was the leader of the group. This group was formed to sing the opening songs for the second season of the anime Shugo Chara!, called Shugo Chara!! Doki, and later the anime’s third and final season, Shugo Chara! Party. Another group, Shugo Chara! Egg was formed as well to sing the opening songs for the second and third seasons. Shugo Chara! Egg released their own versions of Guardians 4s songs.

On March 10, 2010, a compilation album and DVD were released featuring songs by Guardians 4, Buono!, and Shugo Chara! Egg, titled Shugo Chara! Song Best and Shugo Chara! Clip Best respectively. The final episode of Shugo Chara! Party aired March 27, 2010 at it’s 25th episode due to lose of ratings. This ended the group’s activities almost immediately.

The group members wore costumes based on the Seiyo Academy school uniforms, but with the Royal Guardians’ (the student council that the main character Hinamori Amu ends up joining) royal capes, hence “Guardians 4”. The colour of the uniforms change each single, but the original colour for their first single, red, is the colour worn by girls and the colour for their second single, blue, is worn by the boys in the anime. Green, used for their third single, and yellow, used for their fourth, are not featured in the school uniforms. It seems that what the colours really represent are the colour of Hinamori Amu’s Guardian eggs, which hatch into her Guardians Characters Ran (Red egg), Miki (blue egg), Su (Green egg) and Dia (yellow egg), and with each single the colours go in order from in which they hatched.



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